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International Astrologer
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MILTON BLACK – International Astrologer
Milton is a professional astrologer in Australia and is reported to have one of the largest full time, private astrological consulting practices since his establishment in 1974. With a prominent international clientele, he is renowned for his uncanny and accurate forecasts on politics, world markets and economics. Many visit his website to read his monthly newsletter “What’s New” concerning political predictions, future global and economic trends, subsequent stock market directions and possible overtones. Milton writes weekly columns for national magazines and he has produced his own radio and television shows and continues to be on demand for his media expertise nationally and internationally. He has written many yearly publications for Harlequin publishers and Random house globally and holds two Australian book awards, six website awards and has been inducted into the Australian Metaphysical hall of fame. Milton’s full biography can be read in the Australian edition of “Who’s Who” published annually.