Bock, Thomas

Bock, Thomas
Austin, TX

My Name is Thomas Bock, I have been a professional Astrologer since 1980 with a specialty in psychological interpretations for kids and adults, relationships, relocation, luck, career and business. I started my career in astrology while in college. I was a business major going for a MBA. I became very fascinated with psychology in my psychology class. I learned that many of the great psychologist like Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Friedrich Nietzsche all used Astrology extensively in there work to help them understand the human psyche. In 1980 I started studying Astrology with Robert Hand, Mary Shea, Robert Pelletier, and other astrologers. Not long after I started giving astrology reads at renaissance festivals.

My goal is to help people understand the events in their lives and themselves thought astrology. I believe everything happens for a reason. I have always striving to find the deeper meanings and purposes behind life events. I want people to understand why something happened or is going to happen. So not just to solving a current problem, but also preventing the same or similar problem from happening again and again. I wants to help others find their true paths in life, that will be most fulfilling in utilizing their unique personality and abilities.


Natal Readings, Charts and Reports for Adults and Children. Vocational Readings
Relationships Readings for Couples and Families. Composite, Davidson and Symmetry
Horoscope Forecast Readings, Solar Returns, Transits, Progressions
Relocation Readings, Astrocartography
Luck Readings, Jupiter Return and favorable Transits for Gambling, Lotto, Bingo and Business