Brugge, Gustav

Brugge, Gustav
Phoenix, AZ
Copenhagen, Denmark

Gustav Brügge is a professional esoteric astrologer from Odense, Denmark, now based in Phoenix, Arizona since 2000. Gustav has a pedagogical degree, 10 years lecturing experience, and 30 years as an intuitive astrologer. In Europe and USA, he has done several hundred horoscopes, readings, and lectures. Through his school in Torreblanca, Spain, he held courses in both classical and esoteric astrology from 1996 to 1998. Borders Books USA held four lecture engagements to launch his book, An Esoteric Handbook on Astrology, in 2004.

Depending on your need and focus, a horoscope reading by Gustav will identify you as a person on several levels, including where and how the soul has intervened. Your understanding will also be intercepted by you in critical areas, as he speaks to you of your past lives, energies, and potential, as well as exactly what patterns are currently affecting you. You will experience a release, cycling of new energy, healing, acceptance, and new possibilities. A deep and fulfilling perspective will lead to creative choices and joy in life.

Gustav has planned to travel and lecture at expos from the summer of 2006 and onward. You can check his itinerary on the website below for locations. Personal readings on CD can be ordered through or at the expos.

Distance learning courses with state-of-the-art computer graphics is now available. The curriculum of online classroom lessons is designed and taught by Gustav. This is a great opportunity to go as far into self-development through astrology as you wish, understand others, and become a professional astrologer. Weekend retreats are also offered in modules for courses in astrology, or for self-developmental purposes, where readings are also given.

The website and publishing company name, UNIVERSAL GROWTH, is the path, and helping others is the mission of the astrologer, Gustav Brügge. Your horoscope on CD, the second edition of “An Esoteric Handbook on Astrology”, and astrology courses can be ordered online from anywhere in the world. If you go to the link, Astroexplorer, (or ) you can read free monthly articles by Gustav Brügge. This is also the learning link, where online courses will be up and running by June of 2006.