Burns, Curtis

Burns, Curtis
Minneapolis/St Paul, MN

I specialize in delivering to you a very practical and spiritual interpretation of your chart and your upcoming cycles in very clear spoken and written word. I use a unique blend of Western and ancient Vedic astrology methods that I have acquired in my over 25 years of astrological consultations.

My philosophy of astrology is that the horoscope chart is a very beautiful representation of the intrinsic reality of you, and a closer look at that chart will reveal the various blockages of energy that you need to correct or redirect so that you can successfully manifest that reality.

If you think that there is something more to your life, but you’re not sure what it is, whether it’s in the realm of relationships, career, family, health, spirituality, or just simply who and what you are, then I can definitely help you to find that path and destiny that is meant for you.

There are a few differences between Vedic astrology and Western (tropical) astrology. For instance most of the planets will be read in different signs for a few technical reasons, and there are some differences in interpretation and methodology. Vedic astrology also has a very powerful predictive system called dasas that has no counterpart in the Western system. They both share the same planet and sign meanings, so they have many similarities as well.

With my many years of practice with Vedic style I have come to see that the Vedic system resonates to your deeds and acts, whereas the Western system of astrology resonates with the world of your thoughts and feelings. Therefore Vedic astrology is considered to be a more predictive art, but I find it to be just as effective with spirituality and psychology as Western astrology, but I really do bridge the gap between the two styles.

If you’re interested in astrological consultation with me, please contact me at 651-756-7451, curtisburns555@gmail.com, or at my website blog: www.StarWorldNews.com