Avanti, Michele

Avanti, Michele, CAP Reno, NV. 775-673-6568 www.AstrologyandMore.com astrologyandmore@yahoo.com Michele specializes in natal, predictive and relationship astrology for adults, children and business associates. She is one of less than fifty astrologers worldwide accredited in Fixed Star astrology. When working with you, … Read More

Austin, Stephanie

Austin, Stephanie Port Townsend, WA. 360-379-3060 Stephanie@EcoAstrology.com www.ecoastrology.com Stephanie Austin, M.A., is an astrological counselor specializing in life purpose, vocation, and transitions readings, via telephone or in person. Stephanie also does astrology tutorials for personal and professional development. Her background … Read More

Aujula, Nicolas

Aujula, Nicolas London, England (UK) www.inspired-artisan.com inspiredartisan@email.com Nicolas Aujula is an international Astrologer, Transformative therapist and columnist that has appeared on the Biography Channel, Channel 4, ITV and is the VIP Astrologer for the Beverly Hills Times. His Astrological features … Read More

Atkinson, Tracy

Atkinson, Tracy Brooklyn, NY 347-489-9797 www.tracyatkinsonconsulting.com tracyatkinson@gmail.com Tracy Atkinson is a professional Vedic astrologer, consultant, author and teacher based in New York City. Her initiation into the world of astrology began in 1991 with the study of Western Astrology. When … Read More


AstroFlame Miami, FL https://astroflame402677811.wordpress.com astroflamereadings@gmail.com I have been interested in astrology since my teen years and had been studying it since late ’90s. In 2016 I felt I needed to take it a step further from reading for friends and … Read More

Ashman, Bernie

Ashman, Bernie Durham, N.C. 919 489-0545 bnbashman@aol.com www.bernieashman.com Bernie Ashman became inspired to study astrology in 1973 after reading Dane Rudyhar’s classic book, The Astrology of Personality which was a major factor in the field of Humanistic Astrology. Continuing on … Read More

Aronson, David

Aronson, David Philadelphia, PA 215-450-0887 JAron98449@aol.com www.alchemicalwedding.com/astrology/ David Aronson has been a professional astrologer for over ten years. He is also a holistic energy healer, working with the modalities of reiki and integrated energy therapy, a professional tarot reader, and … Read More

Armstrong, Jeffrey

Armstrong, Jeffrey Los Angeles, CA Vancouver BC 866-872-6224 www.jeffreyarmstrong.com jeffrey@jeffreyarmstrong.com Jeffrey is a well known international AyurVedic Astrologer, Author, Enlightenment and Life Skills Strategist, Poet and Spiritual Vedic Teacher. He is an Award winning author of numerous books on Vedic … Read More

Archer, Jacquelyn

Archer, Jacquelyn Madison, WI 608-467-6866 www.indigoray.net astrology@indigoray.net Jacquelyn Archer, native of Madison, Wisconsin, has been an international professional full time astrologer since the internet’s existence. She teaches, consults and abides by soul-centered Western Astrology. Indigo Ray Astrology Inquiry is a … Read More

Arbon, Kate

Arbon, Kate West Cork, Ireland www.katearbon.com http://katearbon.com/kakabel/wordpress astro@katearbon.com With over 30 years of experience Kate is a professional Astrologer who works with traditional and transformational spiritual Astrology. Over the last two decades she has developed her Astrological Consulting and Teaching … Read More

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