Stevens, Cece

Stevens, Cece Hemet, CA 520-907-0102 Professional Astrologer, Dowser, Numerologist, Shaman, Empath healer. Cece Stevens is a member of National Council Geo-Cosmic Research (NCGR) and the American Federation of Astrologers (MAFA). She was born 25 May 1951 in … Read More

Thorp, Barb

Thorp, Barb South Melbourne 0417 534 436 Children’s Astrology Reports Barbara Thorp uses her astrological expertise to create her children’s astrology reports. She has extensive experience in her field, and is a member of some of the most … Read More

de Looff, Roeland

de Looff, Roeland Tilburg, Netherlands Born at January 23, 1957, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 16.02, Roeland has been a practicing astrologer for more then 20 years and is the founder of Dirah Academy International, which is an institute that … Read More

Allen, Lisa

Allen, Lisa MH San Diego, CA Missoula, MT Austin, TX Lisa started seriously studying Western Astrology on her Saturn Return in 1993, and became professional in the year 2000 (formerly Eclipse Astrology). Along the way, she also picked up … Read More

Abreu, Sean

Abreu, Sean Oakland, CA For a decade I have studied the language, the art, and the science of astrology. My astrology practice blends the ancient tradition with multiple spiritual philosophies. My research spans Western, or Hellenistic Astrology, and … Read More