Packer-Louis, Julene

Packer-Louis, Julene ISAR-CAP, Dipl.OCA Cleveland, OH 440-385-6644 Julene is an internationally certified professional astrological consultant with a full time practice based primarily on western astrology with a few Jyotish techniques. Julene is the CEO of the International Academy … Read More

O’Reilly, Michael Wolfstar

O’Reilly, Michael Wolfstar Bend, OR P.O. Box 745 Bend, OR Michael is a practicing astrologer and a writer living in Bend Oregon. He launched his Astrology career with the discovery of Chiron and has been an active commentator … Read More

Ognjenovic, Igor

Ognjenovic, Igor Zagreb, Croatia +385 91541 4505 Igor Ognjenovic is Lecturer and Head of the Centre for Astrological Education in Zagreb, Croatia. He graduated in Mathematics from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Zagreb. Igor has … Read More

O’Brien, Dale

O’Brien, Dale Eugene, OR 541-485-9772 Dale is a full time astrologer, speaker, teacher and certified Astro*Carto*Graphy interpreter with 30 years of study. His specialties include Chiron, the Sabian symbols, and experiential astrology. Dale’s, eight week Chiron course is … Read More

Hammond, Richard Gideon

Hammond, Richard Gideon San Diego, CA Richard is an inventor, scientist, computer engineer, carpenter, chemist, philosopher, and astrologer. After living in France for 11 years, when he came to America, he realized this country is in desperate need … Read More

Gainsburg, Adam

Gainsburg, Adam Soulsign Astrology Soulsign Astrology Springfield, VA 505-333-9231 Adam provides clients and students with extraordinary guidance for their soul’s evolutionary journey. He specializes in illuminating a client’s actual Soul purpose as well as the complex makeup of … Read More

Crawford, Nawo

Crawford, Nawo Paris, FRANCE 33(0)147 37 54 28 Nawo is a full time astrologer specializing in holistic, karmic and chiron astrology . She went to Irene Andrieu’s school in Paris. Nawo has been practicing astrology for 20 years. … Read More