de Looff, Roeland

de Looff, Roeland Tilburg, Netherlands Born at January 23, 1957, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 16.02, Roeland has been a practicing astrologer for more then 20 years and is the founder of Dirah Academy International, which is an institute that … Read More

Durocher, Rev. Dr. Russ Ph.D, D.D.

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Durocher, Rev. Dr. Russ Ph.D, D.D. Member: American Federation of Astrologers Member: The Church of Light Western Massachusetts Area Priest, Teacher, Counselor, Expert Professional Hermetic Astrologer/Life Consultant, Rev. Dr. Russ Durocher emerged from traditional ministerial training with … Read More

Durand, Tess

Durand, Tess Burlington, Vermont My name is Tess and I am an astrologer with 10 years of experience reading charts. My speciality lies in helping people discover subtle shifts in perspectives that can bring about long -lasting healthier … Read More

Duncan, Narelle

Duncan, Narelle Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, QLD Australia (07) 5576 3422 Narelle Duncan is an award winning Astrologer who uses her natural perceptive gifts to help countless people get in touch with their passion and live their ‘best … Read More

Doyle, Anita

Doyle, Anita Missoula, MT 406-926-2833 Anita Doyle has a fulltime practice in soul-centered, evolutionary astrology. She works both in person and by phone, offering a deep look into what the soul, in this incarnation, is longing to express … Read More

Dominguez, Martha M

Dominguez, Martha M Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 305-978-9281 Martha F Dominguez, MA is an astrologer whose practice is geared towards helping others to understand themselves better and trust their intuition and communication with spiritual energy. She began practicing astrology … Read More

Dodds, Veronica

Dodds, Veronica London, UK. 020 7281 2042 Astrological counseling is helpful for those who are seeking ongoing support and a deeper and fuller understanding of themselves and their circumstances. Veronica Dodds is an astrologer with a caring and … Read More

Dillard, Deborah

Dillard, Deborah Clifton, VA 571- 334- 7474 571-229-5098 571-229-5085 Fax Deborah Dillard got interested in astrology researching for a term paper called “Why Astrology is Bunk” in 1975. She failed the assignment but found her niche in … Read More

Diaz, Armand Martire

Diaz, Armand Martire Manhattan, Long Island, NY 917-216-1541 Armand M. Diaz, Ph.D., is an NCGR certified Consulting Astrologer, working from the perspective of integral development. This is not astrology as “fortune telling” but a way to deepen your … Read More

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