Waris, Mazhar

Waris, Mazhar Pakistan +92 345-538-93-55 www.facebook.com/drmazhar.waris drmazharwaris@gmail.com I am practicing Astrology on National Level. I also do prediction succuessfully. I do prediciton about mundane astrology. My first prediction was about the down fall of Priseident Perviaz Muzharraf and was published … Read More

Roberts, Courtney M.A.

Roberts, Courtney M.A. Orlando, FL. CRCatCRC@aol.com http://www.thestarofthemagi.com/ Courtney is the founder/director of the Cosmological Research Center in Orlando Fl, specializing in sports and mundane astrology. Recent publications by the CRC include the books, Real-Time Astrology; A Clear Case for Planetary … Read More

Thomas, Robert Mystery

Thomas, Robert Mystery Cucamonga CA P O Box 8303, Rancho Cucamonga Ca, 91701 909-229-0129 SPIRITUALVIEW@aol.com www.LunarInsight.com Certified Professional Astrologer Robert Mystery Thomas. Member of American Federation of Astrologers, the International Society for Astrological Research and the national council for Geo-Cosmic … Read More

Tamplin, Ed

Tamplin, Ed Riverwood NSW (02) 9534 1081 ed@edtamplin.com http://www.edtamplin.com Ed Tamplin is a consultant, writer and researcher specializing in mundane astrology. He is a regular lecturer on the Australian circuit & co-hosts Sydney’s top rating Saturday talkback show on Sydney … Read More

McBride, Deb

McBride, Deb Brooklyn/Manhattan, NY 718-832-3129 www.debmcbride.com Debtune@nyc.rr.com Deb has been studying astrology for most of her life, in addition to holding degrees in chemistry and mathematics. She began her professional astrological counseling practice in 1986, and never ceases to be … Read More

Farrington, Laurie

Farrington, Laurie St Albans, Vermont Laurie@astrolore.org 802-338-2098 http://www.astrolore.org/ astrolore@gmail.com Having long since passed the threshold of 10,000 hours of focused study, Laurie Farrington is clearly a Master of her craft. Laurie began her fascination with astrology the first time she … Read More

Collins, Christina

Collins, Christina Celestial Resource Boulder, Colorado 303-665-9996 jyotish@indra.com www.christinacollinsastrology.com www.jyotishstar.com – editor Vedic astrologer (Jyotish), Vachaspati Christina Collins began her 60 years of sidereal astrological studies with her maternal grandfather in 1955 at the age of seven, incorporating the Vedic … Read More

Campion, Nicholas

Campion, Nicholas Bristol, UK P.O. Box 1071, Bristol B899 1HE, UK www.nickcampion.com Nicholas is President of the Astrological Association (UK) and an acknowledged expert on mundane astrology and the history of astrology. He is also the author of “The Book … Read More