Pushkerna, Ashish

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Pushkerna, Ashish Jaipur ( Rajasthan)India www.astronama.com Ashish Pushkerna was born in Jodhpur where abundant mystical phenomenon’s and grandparents with abundant psychic and astrological knowledge paved path of his learning and practicing this divine field of astrology, adding to this his … Read More

Proctor, Michelle

Proctor, Michelle North Carlton, Victoria, Australia mproctor@radiantliving.com.au http://www.radiantliving.com.au Michelle Proctor After nearly 15 years of working with clients and students, I am as passionate as ever about listening for a person’s essence to inspire clarity and empowered choices. The complexity … Read More

Praveen, Acharya

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Praveen, Acharya New Delhi,India +91-8800507216 info@astropraveen.com www.astropraveen.com Acharya Praveen Chauhan is one of the most sought after and self taught Astrologer and Palmist. He has a background in Computer Science engineering, and with a specialization in software testing. He specializes … Read More

Porte, Joan

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Porte, Joan Arlington, Virginia 703-533-2210 http://www.joansastrology.blogspot.com/ www.signsofthetines.com joansastrology@gmail.com Joan Porte provides clients with a detailed journey into their past lives and the karmic identity that they have been born into this time around. They learn what is their soul’s current … Read More

Pierpaoli, Paola

Pierpaoli, Paola Rome, Italy info@esperienzediluce.com www.esperienzediluce.com Paola Pierpaoli has been concerned with astrology, tarot card reading and spiritual healing since 1985. She has been in constant contact with her Spirit Guide since 1996 and she operates as a channeler. She … Read More

Phillips, T.S.

Phillips, T.S. Malibu, CA 310-456-0530 starmanTed@astroadvisor.com www.AstroAdvisor.com Ted is a professional astrologer who offers a full line of astrology services. He is a multi talented astrologer whose expertise includes Forecasting, electional and horary charts, natal, location charts and relationship counseling. … Read More

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