Parker, Douglas

Parker, Douglas Bonbeach, Australia (03) 9772 7954 The biggest and most bewildering problems people tend to have in their lives revolve around their marriages and love-affairs. In 1980 Douglas found himself torn apart by a tumultuous love-affair. As … Read More

Mears, Susan

Mears, Susan Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Susan is a traditional astrologer offering the following practical services: Astro-fertility, Business services, Horary charts, Medical Astrology, Natal charts, Real Estate services, Relationship/Compatibility charts, Surgery Date Selection, Yearly Forecasts. No computers used. Hand drawn charts … Read More


Kondal, MANESHWAR SINGH JALANDHAR CITY PUNJAB STATE, India +91 98140 29662 – JYOTISH VISHARAD ICAS. MEMBER INDIAN COUNCIL OF ASTROLOGICAL SCIENCES 23 years of practical experience in various branches of astrology , numerology and remedial measures for curbing day … Read More

Knight, Sharon

Knight, Sharon M.A., QHP, FAPAI Isfield, England 01825 750733 Sharon is a traditional astrologer who studied for the QHP under Olivia Barclay. Sharon then went on to tutor the QHP course, as well as teaching astrology at Adult … Read More

Hunter Hawks, Paradise

Hunter Hawks, Paradise Centreville, VA (703) 615-5328 Astrology is a language that enables us to understand not only who we are, but also, how to best we may utilize our gifts and talents. I specialize in compatibility … Read More

Frezza, Rachel

Frezza, Rachel Asheville, NC 828-712-4723 Astrology, the ancient study of the heavens, humans have been fascinated with the stars always. The fascination persists today in my heart and soul. I have studied this esoteric science with Kelly Lee … Read More

Easton, Chandra

Easton, Chandra Brisbane, Australia 61 + 7 + 32696019 Chandra loves all things esoteric: planets, stars, angels, spaceships, sacred sites, as well as people from all walks of life. A genuine interest in and compassion for others, … Read More

Eros D

Eros D. Il Gatto Astrologo Venice, Italy Born in 1986, he took an history degree but, after some years, in 2017 decided to dedicate himself to his passion for spirituality and astrology that he studies with … Read More

Crane, Joseph

Crane, Joseph Lexington, MA (401) 527-2035 Joseph C. Crane, M.A. has been an astrologer, teacher, and writer on astrology since the 1980’s. Joseph began learning traditional astrology, including horary astrology, in the early 1990’s and since then has … Read More

Cornelius, Geoffrey

Cornelius, Geoffrey Canterbury, England C/o Company of Astrologers Geoffrey Cornelius is the former President of the Astrological Lodge of London and editor of it’s journal, ASTROLOGY. In 1983 he co-founded the Company of Astrologers in London, which has … Read More

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