The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

The Chariot tarot card description is among the 21 most recognizable cards in the Tarot called the Major Arcana, or Trump cards. These cards represent archetypal situations and lessons to help you in your life’s journey. It makes sense that The Chariot is a classic model of transportation and is related to your movement toward your spiritual destiny.

There are countless Tarot decks with unique interpretations according to artists and manufacturers. However, their common characteristics make them easy to identify. The Chariot card features a strong male or female figure riding on an intricately designed chariot. It’s usually drawn by magnificent horses or mythical animals like black and white sphinxes or griffins which represents opposing forces.

When this card is reversed, it can represent being pulled in different directions. The animals carry the chariot forward. The rider is dressed in regal armor or robes that have other alchemical symbols that represent spiritual transformation and carries an impressive sword or rod.

Astrological & Mystical Representation

As a physical instrument of movement, The Chariot card is associated with the element Water. It’s ruled by the (Luna) and the sign of the cancer zodiac sign. This trump card corresponds to the Hebrew letter “chet” and represents “yes” in “yes or no” queries. Physically, it corresponds with your throat chakra. If you’ve asked specific questions that require a definitive answer, then this is a good tarot card to pull.

Other than The Fool, there aren’t any other cards that correspond with this Tarot’s Major Arcana suit.

The Chariot Upright

Chariot Tarot Card Meanings (Upright): The placement of the Major Arcana tarot cards works just like the ones of the Minor Arcana. Right-side up (upright) corresponds to all the positive aspects of the tarot card, while upside down (reverse) illustrates the negative or opposite aspects. It’s similar to the yin and yang that’s seen in traditional Chinese divination.

Think movement when you see The Chariot in an upright placement in a tarot spread. In a very literal sense, it can also represent travel. This card signifies forward motion, determination, assertion, self-discipline, self-control, and victory. You have a driving force in whatever query you make.

Love & Relationships – Upright

The Chariot meaning requires a deeper discernment in a love and relationship spread. The Chariot tarot love meaning may signify your loyalty and determination in your current relationship. The corresponding tarot cards in the spread can give you a better picture of how healthy or prosperous your love is at this time in your life.

If you’re looking for love, the chariot tarot love meaning can represent your drive to find a mate. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in pursuit of it for the right reasons. Also, The Chariot suggests that you are moving on after a painful breakup, which shows that you’re starting to heal.

Money & Career – Upright

Have you recently experienced some financial setbacks? In a money or career tarot reading The Chariot meaning in a reading may be a sign that your luck will change. Now’s the time to use your willpower and assertion to conquer what stands in your way of financial success.

This tarot card could also be a positive message concerning your present career, such as a promotion. Your hard work and loyalty will be noticed as you push toward your career goals. If you’re considering a job change, this is a sign that you have the strength and ability to do it.

Health & Wellness – Upright

In a health and wellness tarot reading, your health may be taking a turn for the better when you see The Chariot meaning in an upright position for a wellness query. If you’ve had some pressing health issues, The Chariot is a representation of your determination to fight and regain strength. It may also be a suggestion from the Universe to be more attentive to your health with better nutrition and more regular exercise.

Although The Chariot tarot signifies speed and action just like the Eight of Wands, it doesn’t necessarily mean immediate results. It signifies your aspirations and firm resolve to become healthier and more robust. Use your mental fortitude to go forward in realizing better health and wellbeing.

Spirituality – Upright

The same momentum you have in your physical life can be expressed in your spiritual being. The Chariot signifies motion and a possible awakening of your psychic intuition (Click Here To Get A Reading). It can correspond to the first step in a love-changing spiritual quest.

Have you ever done an inventory of your belief system? Maybe there are some misconceptions or complete illusions ingrained in your young mind. The Chariot upright is your sign to move forward with purpose and discard those beliefs and traditions that aren’t true and no longer serve you.

The Chariot Reversed

Chariot Tarot Card Meanings (Reversed): Remember that a reverse placement isn’t always a bad omen. In the case of The Chariot reversed, it may be telling you that things is stalled at the moment. You may be lacking willpower, self discipline or assertion in some area of your life or even opposing forces at play. It all depends on your query and corresponding cards in the spread. The Chariot could also mean needing to take control of your own life. The chariot asks to take control instead of being passive.

Love & Relationships – Reversed

When The Chariot reversed appears in a love tarot reading, it may be time for introspection. You may be so wrapped up in making a relationship work that other aspects of your life are affected.

Maybe your love life is unbalanced, and you need to make some changes. This tarot card in reverse can reveal your frustration in a toxic relationship. Even though the relationship isn’t good for you and may be detrimental, you’re determined to make it work. It’s an upside-down card that may be telling you that you’re better off calling it quits.

The Chariot can also be a wake-up call if you’re looking for a relationship. Perhaps you’re trying too hard, and this is scaring away any potential partners. It’s a sign for you to be patient and let love happen naturally.

Money & Career – Reversed

Are you frustrated and feel like you’re just spinning your wheels at work? Have you lost your nerve and inspiration? The Chariot reversed may be telling you that you need to regain your ambition and push for higher achievements.

Maybe you’ve been procrastinating a career move or getting advanced schooling or certification. Whatever stands in your way, you have the power to move it. All it takes is hard work, determination, and clearly defined goals.

This reversed card isn’t always a negative sign when considering a new business venture. The Chariot could represent your fear and hesitancy of taking risks. Of course, you get a better picture when you read this card with corresponding cards in the spread.

Health & Wellness – Reversed

The reversed Chariot represents a fierce warrior who is first in battle. When The Chariot is reversed, it may signify that you’ve lost your momentum. Do you feel overwhelmed trying to change bad habits for a healthier lifestyle? Maybe you feel like giving up or getting healthier is beyond your reach.

An upside-down placement of The Chariot reveals your lack of interest and willpower. You may be going against things you can’t control in your life. It’s a sign of being more determined with your health, changing what you can, and accepting things you can’t.

Spirituality – Reversed

Everybody goes through periods of darkness or stagnation. If you draw The reversed Chariot, the Universe could be raising awareness of your spiritual famine. Yet, you’re hesitant or too overwhelmed to do anything about it.

When things are spiritually out of balance, it affects your entire well-being. This tarot reading may be urging you to take time to rest and reflect on spiritual matters. Use the same positive attitude and strong motivation you have in other life matters to revive your heart and spirit.