Clement, Babula

Clement, Babula
New Zealand
027 943 9095

Babula is a well-known Australian astrologer who has been working astrologically for over 25 years. She recently moved to beautiful Governors Bay near Christchurch, New Zealand. She continues her practice in person and via Skype and phone with clients around New Zealand, Australia and Europe.

Babula’s astrology offers practical, psychological and spiritual guidance during times of transformation, crisis, uncertainty and change. Her primary interest is in supporting her clients to know themselves more deeply and to understand their process and old stuck patterns that are arising to be seen, healed and transformed.

She includes in her work Chiron, the Asteroids and particularly the Black Moon, which explores
the themes of the Dark Feminine. Babula offers relationship astrology, the astrology of children and families, karmic astrology, spiritual astrology and also uses techniques such as *Astro*Carto*Graphy or Astro-Mapping in her work.

While currently not teaching, she offers her previous classes, courses and workshops by correspondence through mp3 recordings and pdf handouts. For the list of recordings available visit