Cloud, Gail

Gail CloudCloud, Gail
St. Louis, MO

Gail Cloud has trained with Debra Silverman and is certified by Debra Silverman as one of her astrologers, and also trained with Judith Hill, and is training with Demetra George and Stephen Forrest to further her study and understanding of the science and art of astrology. She interweaves the power and understanding astrology gives us into her work in a unique way that integrates one’s understanding of oneself, and the dynamics of, and the voices of those we carry inside of us through our lineage and our family of birth. She gives a unique approach to the therapeutic process and to the ways in which astrology can be used to help us to accept ourselves, to understand ourselves and our purpose, and help us to grow and heal as individuals. Medical and Psychological astrology is her specialty

Gail Cloud, is also a Doctor of Chiropractic, and the Originator and Founder of BodyPresencing™: a system of working with the whole person combining chiropractic techniques, family constellation principles, meditation and visualization techniques, and energy medicine to aid healing and development of one’s soul to live whole, healthy, and vital lives. Dr. Cloud has been a practicing chiropractic physician since 1988.