Cossar, Faye

faye cosserCossar, Faye
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Faye Cossar is an astrologer, therapist, speaker and writer who has lived in Amsterdam since 1986. As well as running her private practice, she is the founder of the Amsterdam School of Astrology in the Netherlands. Her interest in astrology started in the 70’s in New Zealand, however living in London provided the opportunity to undertake serious study and to take exams beginning in 1984.

Faye has a business background in ICT, training, marketing and PR which she has now integrated into her astrology and therapy practice. The combination of Faye’s background in business, together with her therapy training and her long experience with astrology, makes her unique. She set up juxtaposition, her business for companies, because she could see what a powerful mix astrology and business is.

Since 1992, Faye has had many satisfied private and business clients, as well as students, in her school the Amsterdam School of Astrology. Currently as well as consulting, she teaches in Amsterdam and lectures frequently in Holland and London. She has also lectured at many of the world’s main conferences. UAC, AAGB, Australia, the Netherlands and Norway as well as travelling to do many workshops in Europe and beyond.

Faye was one of the first MA graduates in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology in 2004, from Bath Spa University College, the first university in the world to offer such a programme. Her dissertation offers a life cycle model for organisational development and her research covered companies such as KLM, Martinair and C&A. One of her other papers can be seen at

In 2015 Faye started teaching the Vocational Astrology module at Kepler College which is based on her book ‘Using Astrology to Create a Vocational Profile: Find the right career direction’, which was published in 2012.

Faye is a member of several groups:

The Astrological Guild of Educators Int.
ASAS – Astrologische Associatie
AVN – Astrologische Vakvereniging Nederland

Faye has websites that detail her services:
For astrologers:
For her private practice:
For business (and her free monthly E-zine)