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The Astrological services that Steven Cozzi offers mainly concentrates on his area of expertise, location astrology. He helps people determine which place will be the best for them to live. Clients may be on the move or have a situation where they will be traveling or interacting with certain regions or cities. The information he gathers can help you relocate to a different part of a metropolitan area, or within a state or region. In fact astro-locality maps can pin-point the influences any where on the planet at any time. There is no perfect place but most people can improve their life and situation simply by being able to define the influence of area that they are living in or the place that they are moving to. Most people fear change yet when the options are clearly presented change can become a fortunate choice. This system of astrology follows the planetary lines from your birth chart and also where they are now. It’s a very comprehensive vision of possibilities. Within this system we also are able to look at the home and neighborhood. The method is a form of astrological geomancy (feng shui). Steven Cozzi literally wrote the book on location astrology, Planets in Locality, which is a must for all serious students of astrology and professionals interested in this fascinating specialty.

Steven also offers detailed one year forecasts and compatibility reading between romantic or business partners. Consultations are usually done over the phone with a two way recording process. The tape reading and any printed material is then sent to the client. Please contact Steven at the phone number or email address above and for more information, go into his web site from this page.