Craft, Jeff – Kali Das

Jeff CraftCraft, Jeff – Kali Das
Atlanta, Georgia

Jeff Craft (Kali Das) is the Founder and Director of the Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga. He began his exploration of healing and spiritual development in 1990. Since then, his professional study and personal practice include multiple certifications in the fields of Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda, Advanced Yogic methods, Energy Healing and bodywork. Jeff has published multiple Guided Meditation CDs, and has been working in the field of healing and spiritual transformation since 1997. He offers Vedic Astrology Consultations as an integral part of the Ecstatic Union® approach to healing.

Vedic Astrology Consultations are available by phone, internet video chat and in person. They can also be done as a Pre-Recorded Audio. Readings can be used to explore any area of life, including relationship and career. The Birth Chart is used to bring greater self-awareness of both strengths and weaknesses. It offers the needed clarity to remove doubts and bring you the confidence needed to live your Fullest Potential of Joy and Freedom.