Eight of Wands Meaning

The Eight of Wands card represents movement and change. When this card appears in a reading, it’s a sign that something in your life is about to happen very quickly. This is a tarot card of high energy and motion. The Eight of Wands tarot card description show the fast flight of eight wands through the air. The sky they fly through is clear and open, showing that nothing will hinder their flight. They are also about to land, indicating the end of their journey. Below them is a flowing river, which symbolizes emotions, intuition, and peace in tarot.

Eight of Wands Upright

The eight of wands tarot card meanings overall represents gaining momentum.

Eight Of Wands tarot card meanings (Upright): The upright Eight of Wands symbolizes movement, alignment, speed, and change. The Eight of Wands is associated with impulses and the need for immediate results. The upright also represents feeling excited about a project or idea and wanting to take action immediately.

If you face some challenges in your career, the upright Eight of Wands indicates that things will accelerate quickly for you, and you will find success. The Eight of Wands key meanings is also associated with clear communication, progress, and travel.

Love & Relationship – Upright

The Eight of Wands tarot card in a love reading is a good omen when it comes to relationships. It represents the power of two people becoming one and living out their dreams together. For someone single, it speaks of a meeting or a new beginning that can happen so fast that there is no chance for doubt or second-guessing yourself. This card may be an unexpected romance that surprises you and makes you fall in love with someone very quickly. There might also be an upcoming vacation or trip that brings excitement into your relationship.

Career & Finance – Upright

In an upright position, this Eight of Wands career meaning indicates that you are on the right track for success in your career and finances. You may be feeling excitement around a new project at work or a new sense of direction around your career goals. You will feel things finally falling into place and becoming easier for you.

You may have an opportunity to expand your work or get a promotion soon, so keep an eye out for these opportunities as they come up. However, it warns you not to be hasty in investments or other financial pursuits. Be sure that what you’re doing will benefit you before taking a risk or spending money on something new.

This card can also represent a business trip of sorts.

Health – Upright

The eight of Wands means rapid recovery, physical activity, and good health in health matters. The Eight of wands also indicates that you have been ill, but now your body is recovering at speed. However, this card can also mean a medical emergency that requires prompt attention. The card also shows physical activeness and exercise improvement.

Spiritual – Upright

The spiritual tarot card indicates positive energy flow in your life. Now is an excellent time to take action with your new ideas, as they will get off to a good start due to this fast-flowing energy. You can feel confident about taking action now as quickly things will fall into place.

Eight of Wands Reversed

Eight Of Wands tarot card meanings (Reversed): When the Eight of Wands reversed appears, it is an indication that you may be resisting change, a slowdown in your progress, or even some sort of unfinished business. There could be a delay in something coming to pass, which could be due to your energy.

This card probably means something from your past that you haven’t let go of or holding onto too tightly. Try not to get caught up in the past and instead focus on what’s to come.

Love & Relationship – Reversed

In a love and relationship reading, the Eight of Wands reversed suggests a lack of passion in your current partnership. The fiery energy that was so obvious at the start has fizzled out. Both of you spend more time doing other things than nurturing your relationship. It can also mean a lack of romance between you, which could be because you don’t feel appreciated or loved enough by your partner.

Health – Reversed

In a health situation, this card speaks to a health issue or injury that is not healing. It can mean that the injury or illness takes longer than expected to heal, but it could also mean that the sickness has worsened. In this case, you should seek medical advice immediately. On the other hand, it can indicate chronic fatigue that doesn’t seem to go away.

Also, it represents a slow adaptation to a diet or physical activity. For example, if you’ve started a new workout routine, you get tired all the time. The reversed card could signify that you’re overdoing it and need to take things more slowly. You may have set your expectations too high, and as such, your body isn’t adjusting well to the change in your exercise routine.

Career & Finances – Reversed

In a career tarot spread, this card indicates that you feel frustrated by the lack of progress in your career. You’ve been trying hard to get ahead, but you feel like all efforts have been to no avail. Although the energies around you might make it feel like this is true, this card tells you to keep going. Your persistence will pay off if you don’t give up.

Regarding money and finances, the Eight of Wands reversed indicates that a project is losing momentum and might not reach its full potential. The initial burst of enthusiasm for this project has dimmed, and there is resistance from others who were once quite supportive.

Spirituality – Reversed

In spirituality tarot spread, the card shows you have been experiencing sluggish progress in your spiritual journey. It suggests that you may be experiencing a lack of energy and motivation. You start feeling like you are having trouble finding your direction or purpose. You need to spend more time on your spiritual growth, meditation and practice. You may be rushing through these processes instead of giving them the time they deserve.


The Eight of Wands is a simple yet inspiring tarot card that focuses on spiritual awakening and the movement in your life to accomplish it. The card aims at motivating your day-to-day grind. Do not give up when things get tough; pull through. The Eight of Wands says you have everything in you to achieve your desired goals, just as long as you keep on moving forward and never stop.