The Emperor Tarot Card Meaning

Have you come across the emperor tarot card before? If not, you’re in the right place. If you’ve come across it and you’re yet to understand its meaning, you’re also in the right place.

The Emperor tarot card description is straightforward. This is a major arcana card meaning, as we usually call tarot cards that carry the highest meanings in the Tarot System.

The emperor represents more of the father figure. He sits on a large throne made of stone, and it has been adorned using four ram heads, and they symbolize a connection with the planet Mars and Aries. On the emperor’s right hand, there is the ankh, and it symbolizes life. On the left hand, there is an orb, and it symbolizes the world where the emperor rules.

He also wears a red robe, indicating his passion, power, and energy for life. There is a suit of armor underneath, and it suggests the emperor is protected from different threats. He also has a long white beard that symbolizes his old age and wisdom. It also signifies the experience he possesses. The golden crown symbolizes he is an authoritative figure that usually demands to be heard.

Behind the throne, there is a tall mountain range that seems impenetrable, and it signifies The Emperor tarot has been backed by a foundation that’s solid, and no changes can be made unless he deems it necessary. Below the peak, there is a small river, and it gives us hope that despite the exterior appearing to be fortified, the emperor is still emotional. It may take a considerable amount of digging if you want to earn his trust and ensure he goes soft on you.

Each tarot card has an upright and reversed meaning. We’ll look into each one of these meanings below.

The Emperor Upright

Tarot cards like The Emperor upright in each tarot deck looks diffrent. The emperor represents personal power and a firm but fair hand in tarot readings.

Keywords: an older man, fatherhood, structure, father-figure, authority, practical, and logical.

The Emperor card usually represents an older man who understands his way around business and is wealthy. He is a stable man based on his appearance. He is a grounded and powerful protector, and he can be stubborn and rigid. As an older man, he appears to be a father figure, and you can also engage him on a romantic level. He is a hard taskmaster, and he barely has time to play around.

The emperor’s children may have had a hard time because of father issues since their expectations are not fulfilled as expected, and their self-esteem is affected in the process. If the emperor’s tarot card appears in the upright position, the father figure is authoritative. Besides having your best interests at heart, he may have had a hard time displaying that he was affectionate. When the tarot card appears in the future or the present, it indicates a good omen since older men usually give solid advice, and when you follow it, you’ll be headed in the right direction.

Generally, if it is not representing someone in your life, The Emperor tarot card signifies that you have dominance when it comes to logic. It also signifies structure, concentration, focus, and stability will be required if you want your ideas and dreams to become a reality. The emperor in an upright position will signify fatherhood.

Love & Relationships – Upright

If you’re single and your interest is in men, The Emperor tarot love meaning signifies love. It can indicate that you’ll be involved in a romantic relationship with an older man (click here to learn more). He will like order, structure, routine, and logic. He will have a good influence on you, but romance will not be his strong point. However, he is practical, protective, and dependable. In a love tarot reading The Emperor will signify you need to be more open with your feelings for the interested single women.

Do you have feelings for someone? Then you need to gather enough courage and tell them how you feel. You shouldn’t expect someone to guess how you feel. The card is also a good omen and it signifies monogamy, and your relationship will last for long. Those with relationship issues will start to improve, and their relationships will become most stable.

Career & Money – Upright

In a career tarot reading The Emperor suggests that your hard work shall be noticed, and you’ll witness significant rewards when it comes to success and status. Focus, concentration, and perseverance will also ensure you’ll get to your final destination. There is the need to be persistent for those looking for work, and you should employ logic in your job search.

Different opportunities will come your way, bringing stability and structure to your career. Also, it is a sign that older males will offer support and guidance and ensure you get the support you need. Financially, the card is a sign that you should be responsible and practical about your finances. Your spending should also be reasonable, which means you should know where every bit of your money goes. You’ll also need to be a tyrant such that you can control your spending easily.

Health – Upright

The Emperor in a health tarot reading indicates that there is no need to be hard on yourself. You need to eliminate different activities that may be too hard on your body and avoid exercising regimes that are somewhat punishing. You need to be kind to yourself.

Work according to your energy levels. You should not work against your energy levels. For those with health issues, you need to be logical when treating them. If you’re tired, go ahead and rest. If you’re sick, go ahead and seek medical treatment and adhere to your doctor’s advice.

Spirituality – Upright

In regards to spirituality, The Emperor tarot card appears to indicate that you have been neglecting the spiritual part of yourself, and you have focused more on the physical side. There is the need to make time for spiritual pursuits and ensure that your mind’s logical part will not take over since it may stop you from exploring your sensitive side. If you’re engaged in spiritual pursuits, the emperor will signify you need to protect and ground yourself.

The Emperor Reversed

What The reversed Emperor signifies in a tarot deck represent lack of personal power.

Keywords: excessively controlling, abuse of power, rigidity, lack of discipline, stubbornness, paternity issues, and an absentee father.

The Emperor reversed shows an older person in authority in the reverse position. They may be abusing their power or trying to be authoritative, which means you’ll feel powerless. The person will try to offer solid guidance, but the message will be lost because of their dominating behavior. In such an instance, you should remain logical and calm. Take the advice you’re being offered and evaluate what works for you. You shouldn’t be afraid of standing up to authority but ensure you’re practical and logical such that you can get the results you need.

The Emperor reversed may also indicate that you may have a father figure who abandoned you or they let you down. If the card is not representing someone in your life, the tarot card will indicate that your heart is overruling your head and there is a need to ensure there is a balance when it comes to your emotional state and mind. The card also showcases a lack of self-control, and you need more structure in your life. The card may also be showcasing paternity issues. Also, you may end up questioning your paternity.

Love & Relationships – Reversed

For those in relationships, The Emperor tarot love meaning reversed indicates an imbalance in power in the relationship, which results in unhappiness or conflict. It also signifies that one partner may be controlling the other; they’re stubborn or possessive. Such behavior will lead to the other parties feeling that they’re trapped.

There is a need to balance between being in control and ensuring there is structure in the relationship. You should learn how to compromise. For those who are single, The Emperor reversed signifies that your father’s issues are responsible for the destructive patterns in your life, such as your choice of partners.

There is a need to resolve each of these issues to ensure that you won’t continue to attract people focused on taking advantage of you. It also showcases the lack of commitment and also the lack of monogamy. It is an indicator that you rebel against what the emperor represents.

Money & Career – Reversed

In the career context, The Emperor reversed showcases the lack of consistency, organization, and focus, leading to work issues. If you find that some of these restrictions imposed on you are bothering you, it is time to make the necessary changes.

For instance, another job in your field will offer more freedom. You may also be tired of following orders, and you feel it is time to become your own boss. There are different options you need to consider. There is a lack of control over your finances from a financial perspective. You should consider getting assistance from a professional.

Health – Reversed

The Emperor reversed indicates that you are too rigid when it comes to your routines, and you may be causing yourself undue stress. This can manifest in symptoms such as poor sleeping patterns or headaches. When you push your body too far, you may incur some injuries.