Fitch, Kevin D. Raphael

kevin-fitchFitch, Kevin D. Raphael
Remond, WA
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Kevin Fitch (Raphael) began his study of astrology, in 1979, while attending the House of David, An African spiritual community, where he studied Hebrew and comparative religious and spiritual subjects. On the heels of a couple of, aha moments, Raphael started a more comprehensive investigation into astrology’s depths, when for two clients, he predicted the birth of a baby boy, several months before and right to the very day. For the other, he located a client’s estranged sibling, after a twenty-plus year separation. These events put an A in aha, for him.
Raphael’s clients have included CEO’s CFO’s actors, directors and famous band leaders. He has presented astrology subjects in Ghana, West Africa and Johannesburg, South Africa. Raphael is the author of the highly acclaimed book: Celestial Configurations of Africa and the Caribbean. He has another two astrology books on the way, one in December, 2016 and the other in 2017.
Raphael considers himself a general astrologist, in that he employs, tropical, sidereal, Hindu and Esoteric aspects of astrology, enabling him to see his clients’ current conditions, from several angles. He employs Horary and Elections for quick questions and answers, and many other measurement methods. You may learn more about Raphael’s astrological services, as well as recorded talks, book reviews, and lectures, by visiting his website.