The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

The Fool tarot card is numbered 0. (The number of unlimited potentials). The card does not have a particular place in the arrangement of the Tarot cards. It can either be put at the start of the Major Arcana or at the end. The Major Arcana is usually seen as the Fool’s journey through life. That’s why it is always available and requires no number.

The Fool Tarot card description shows a free-spirit man enjoying life in the world. He is walking with joy and exuberance. He walks with a white rose and a small sack as he walks majestically. The free spirit young man doesn’t appear to care about anything, not even the danger that lies before him. As a matter of fact, it won’t take long before he meets one of those possible dangers.

It is not a matter of when but if he just stumbles on the cliff, he will come face-to-face with real danger waiting for him. The dog right beside him barks, as if to warn him of the impending danger but the young man doesn’t seem to pay attention to his surroundings. And because of this, he may not see all the adventures that he has been dreaming about. The mountains seen behind the Fool are an indication of challenges that are waiting home. They are visible but the fool doesn’t seem bothered at all.

The Fool Upright

Major arcana tarot cards like the fool represent your own character, new beginnings and a new adventure .

The Fool Tarot Card Meanings (Upright): The Fool is a major arcana card depicting new beginnings, a new adventure, life’s changes, and great potential. Similar to the young man, you are set for a new spiritual journey and standing on the edge of a cliff not caring what lies ahead.

You are almost taking a step into the worlds of the unknown. Despite the fact that you don’t exactly understand where the path may lead, it is an encouragement to commit and follow your instincts irrespective of how crazy this adventurous journey appears to you. Now is when you need to step out and let the universe lead you where it will.

As you embark on this path, The Fool tarot card serves as a source of encouragement and freedom for you to be curious, open-minded, and happy as you proceed. Be careful with nothing and accept the unknown, leaving all your worries and burdens behind. You should not mind what might happen as you go about your journey. The path is all about personal growth, new experiences, adventure, and development.

There’s no other better time than Now! Pack up your things and take the leap of faith regardless of whether you feel you are 100 percent ready to go or not. What are you afraid of? Do you really think the only time you can get started is after everything is mapped out? No! Not with the Fool. He starts off his journey with a few essentials on his hands – and he is inviting you to do the same. The Fool can symbolize risk-taking.

You don’t have to wait for anyone to give you the go-ahead or wait until you have everything thought out. Pick whatever you have and get started. If this was a sign you were waiting for, then this is it. Waiting too long might dampen your spirits and make it difficult to achieve your goal.

Career – Upright

The fool upright meaning in a career reading it is a sign of new beginnings, it could be a new job or starting your own business. This is your opportunity to harness the potential within you. Don’t waste any minute thinking about whether you have the capacity or not. Take advantage of your creative mind to make the most of this great opportunity before you. Don’t listen to the negative people because they will always attempt to distract you from the main target.

Take life as an experiment or a test and allow things to flow naturally. The fool encourages you to accept who you are and yield yourself to a magical flow of energy surrounding you. Harness your full potential by stepping into a world of curiosity, intrigue, and wonderment. Live like a child who has just been born. Play, laugh, dance, and let your heart flow freely.

If you are a person struggling with worry, fear, and self-doubt, then this is a perfect card to reflect on. The upright Fool serves as a roadmap to someone who is on a carefree and adventurous journey. He is the true picture of your personality, your spirit, and your soul. Whenever that fear comes around you, remember The Fool’s encouragement about embracing your fears but moving ahead anyhow. Take a leap of faith and observe the results.

Finances – Upright

As far as finances are concerned, you might be at a point when you feel impulsive and idealistic. You may feel the urge to treat yourself in different pleasurable ways. You can take this opportunity to learn a new skill or go out on a trip. In other words, it is a time when you are flooded with all manner of feelings. You know what? Don’t worry about the bills. All you need to do is to listen to your body and act rationally. Do not get involved in things that will come to haunt you later.

Love – Upright

When it comes to love, the upright Fool appears to indicate that you should get ready for a new adventure. It is a sign that you need to explore new things in to be able to experience true romance. It is a time to take risks and make bold decisions. You don’t have to be tied to a particular person for whatever reasons.

Forget about what people will say and start a new path to great love and romance. If you have been stuck with one person for many years and you feel you are not progressing, then it is time to move out and start afresh. This major arcana card inspires you to put your past behind and face the new challenges ahead.

The Fool Reversed

Tarot cards like the fool reversed represent fear of taking the first step or not paying attention and lack of freedom.

The Fool Tarot Card Meanings (Reversed): The Fool Reversed tarot card meaning implies that you have a thought-out plan but are still afraid to deliver it. Your worry could be that you don’t have what it takes to deliver this kind of project in terms of skills, tools and resources. Or maybe you are thinking that the time is not ripe for such a project. The reversed Fool card suggests that there might be something keeping you from making your first move. It is up to you to either keep the innovative ideas to yourself or hold it until the “right” time arrives.

Career – Reversed

The reversed Fool could represent that you fear the unknown – “what might become of me if I go ahead with this plan”. Because of this, you are stuck, not knowing whether to move a step back, move forward or remain in the same position you were before. You are not sure of the results that will be caused by your decision to act. This usually culminates in the desire to control everything. Take courage by knowing that the world has got your back. You can move forward with your plan irrespective of what will happen thereafter.

Love – Reversed

The Fool Reversed tarot card can also be a sign that you are taking too many risks and behaving in a reckless manner. It gives you caution about trusting people easily. As you try to explore life and be “in the moment”, you may do so without taking into account the consequences of your actions. You may be involving yourself in relationships that not only put your life at risk but those of others. Try to look observe things from a broader perspective and see how you can be inspired by The Fool without causing harm to those near you.

Finances – Reversed

When it comes to finances, the Reversed Fool tarot card is a sign of opportunities laying ahead. But you should avoid being reckless. It means you should conduct due diligence before investing your money anywhere. This period can also mean being inconsiderate about your financial decisions. This can manifest through impulse buying or dishing out money carelessly. You need to match your bank account with your expenses to avoid getting into a financial crisis.