Forrest, Steven

Steven ForrestForrest, Steven
Chapel Hill, NC
POB 2345, Chapel Hill, NC 27515

Steven is a well known astrologer, writer, teacher, lecturer and frequent speaker at major astrology conferences. His books include, The Inner Sky, The changing Sky, The Night Speaks and The Book of Pluto. He has co-authored Skymates with his wife Jodie Forrest and most recently published Measuring the Night, co authored with Jeffrey Wolf Green. Measuring the Night, Vol. 2 will be published in February 2001. Steven is also the Chair of the Advisory Council of Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences in Seattle. He maintains a busy practice in Chapel Hill and is currently involved with his Apprenticeship program in many different parts of the country. For in depth instruction and support in terms of becoming a practicing counseling astrologer, please have a look at Steve’s web site for information about his ongoing apprenticeship programs. His many years of counseling and study have been graciously passed on to those students attending the program. Check the section on this site under “Conferences” for current seminar listings.