Four Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Four of Swords is a Tarot card that represents anxiety and fear. When this card is drawn, you will feel overwhelmed by your situation and mentally strained. When the card is drawn, it tells you that you will arrive at a solution if you think rationally about the issues you are facing.

A sense of calm and peace engulfs you contrasted with the anguish in the Three of Swords, which reminded you of your suffering. An emphasis is placed on your mental state and not the problems you face by the Four of Swords; hence you should relax and regroup yourself. Receiving the Four of Swords indicates that you should change your routine.

Four of Swords Appearance

The card shows a knight lying flat on a tomb. He is still in full armour and his hands are in a position of prayer, signifying rest. A sword lies beneath the knight, depicting a single point of focus while three swords hang above him pointing downwards to his body. A stained-glass window is above the knight and shows a woman and a child.

Four of Swords Upright Meaning

The Four of swords is a reprieve after the period of chaos portrayed by the Three of Swords. You should now recover from the daily stresses of life and rejuvenate your higher self. An upright interpretation of this Tarot card informs you that you should critically think about your course of action, organize your thoughts and prioritize to regain your strength.

After facing numerous hurdles, you should take your time to recover and embrace hope once again. The Four of Swords upright reading points to hope and provides a solution to your tribulations; there are many contexts where interpretations can be drawn.

Finances and Career – Upright Meaning

The Four of Swords has two major interpretations of money and career. The first shows that you should return to work after a break. Since you have taken time off to focus on yourself, you will be refreshed and ready to tackle any challenges. You will manage situations that were once too stressful with ease.

A second interpretation foresees that you are reaching your tipping point at work; this card reminds you that you should still prioritize yourself and your happiness over your work. Now is the time for self-reflection to decide whether that job or career is the right fit for you.

Love and Relationships – Upright Meaning

The Four of Swords upright reading in the context of love can indicate that you and your partner will come out of a period of fighting and strain in your relationship. You should focus on your tendencies and solve problems in your control, and you should not worry about what you cannot control. The upright reading of the Four of Swords can also show that new problems will test your relationship, and you may need to take a break or compromise.

If you are single, the Four of swords in the upright reading shows that you should think critically about your feelings on love and to set your expectations. You need to realize it is worse to be in a relationship where you feel alone than actually being on your own, the right person for you will find you when the time is right.

Health and well-being – Upright Meaning

A warning is delivered through the upright reading of the Four of Swords regarding your health. You should take your well-being seriously, particularly your mental health. Anxiety and chronic stress will negatively impact every aspect of your life; look for healthy coping mechanisms of coping instead of dismissing your problems.

If you continue ignoring your body’s warnings, you may find yourself in hospital as your body will completely break down forcing you to rest. Try positive ways of coping such as meditation, yoga or exercise to reap physical and mental benefits.

Four of Swords Reversed Meaning

When the Four of Swords appears in reverse during a reading, it signals that you or someone known to you is burnt out. The reverse reading tells you that you should take it easy on yourself and rest before contemplating your next move. You are close to your breaking point, and your energy is running low. You want to achieve everything at once, which will lead to a breakdown. Take time daily to unwind through practices like meditation, taking a nap, or even a retreat to calm your mind.

Reversed four swords can also show that you are frustrated and are stagnated or not taking action, the lack of progression in your life is bearing down on you, but this may be the result of your passive approach. Choosing inaction or waiting for situations to change will only make things worse. The reverse reading of the Four of Swords applies to different aspects of your life.

Love & Relationships – Reversed Meaning

Reversed reading signifies that you should find ways of rekindling your relationships and put more effort into it; it may be a sign that your feelings towards your partner have faded and you are disappointed. Reverse readings of the Four of Swords may also indicate that things are getting better between you and your partner.

Past friction in your relationship, such as fighting, may be solved by focusing on your behavior and fixing what you can. If you want to keep the connection between you and your partner, you should compromise and set boundaries while taking responsibility for your faults.

Finance – Reversed Meaning

When it comes to money, the Four of Swords reverse reading can inform that you should rest first before evaluating your financial situation. When you are rested, you can make wiser decisions after evaluating your spending and saving habits. Anxiety about your financial situation brings confusion, and you may make worse choices.

Health – Reversed Meaning

The reversed Four of swords regarding your well-being may show you that you will get past your self-limitations and beliefs; this will improve your health as you have been hitting a wall mentally and physically. Taking a break from trying too hard is the main message the Four of Swords conveys.

Mental state – Reversed Meaning

The Four of Swords emphasizes that you should slow down in this reversed reading. You have been breaking yourself down by trying to achieve everything at once and not taking time to rest and evaluate your situation rationally.

Similarly, you may have been punishing yourself mentally because your life has stagnated, but you fail to realize that maybe your inaction is causing you not to advance towards your goals. Meditation and rest can improve your mental state and overall well-being.

Career – Reversed Meaning

After taking a break from work, you may be ready to return to your employment; with a rested mind and body, you will realize those previous situations that caused frustration to become easier to deal with.

Reversed reading of the Four of Swords can also signal persistent work without rest will only exhaust you. If rational thinking about your job leads you to conclude that your work situation will not change, you may need to consider a change.