Foxworthy, Teresa Ann

Teresa FoxworthyFoxworthy, Teresa Ann
Los Angeles, CA

Teresa is a professional astrologer who has been doing paid readings for over 30 years. Her grasp of astrology started very early in Life. Teresa began studying astrology at the age of 12, when her mother introduced her to Sydney Omar’s book on her Sun sign, Aquarius. Teresa was astonished that a complete stranger could know so much about how she felt about life, learning, and relationships. Here were her own personal thoughts written in a mass-produced book on a shelf in a store! How could this be? Teresa’s first astrology class began in college. Her teacher was very impressed with Teresa’s birth chart and a life-long friendship began. They went on to collaborate on his computerized astrology program and in the process met the Reagan’s astrologer, Joan Quigley, as well as legends Robert Hand and Dane Rudhyar.

Today, Teresa specializes in Astrology Compatibility, Career Astrology, Evolutionary Astrology, Karmic Astrology, Psychological Astrology, Relocation Astrology, Spiritual Astrology, Teachers of Astrology, as well as general Natal, Progressed, Transits, Mid-Points, Nodes, Past Life, Synastry, Composites, AstroCartography and other astrological readings. Her work as a Life Coach, specializing in Dating and Relationship success, has given her ample opportunity to learn the subtleties of what makes for a lasting relationship. Both partners have their evolutionary work to do as individuals, as well as succeeding as loving and empowered partners. Using astrology, Teresa helps men and women steer their lives in fulfilling directions, whether for personal fulfillment, spiritual evolution, or professional success.