Frazier, Andrée

andree-frazierFrazier, Andrée
Roxbury, VT

Vermont Astrologer Andrée Frazier is a practicing astrologer with over 20 years experience reading charts and advising clients from all walks of life. “I believe astrology opens doors into life’s purpose, it’s meaning, and can shine light on possiblilties we don’t know are there for us. It can comfort us in times of stress, reveal the best times for us to act, and can pair us with the right career, the right partner, and the right lifestyle for ultimate health and happiness in life.”

Astrology offers each of us windows into our souls and can articulate energies that we don’t understand and therefor berate ourselves for. Some energies are unfathomable to us, energies that leave us confused and disoriented. Once brought into the light, and given meaning, their influence dissipates with awareness, and comfort can be found in knowing when the influence will subside. So too can the good energies and timeframes be identified and planned with confidence and joy.

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