Frezza, Rachel

Rachel FrezzaFrezza, Rachel
Asheville, NC

Astrology, the ancient study of the heavens, humans have been fascinated with the stars always. The fascination persists today in my heart and soul. I have studied this esoteric science with Kelly Lee Phipps of Asheville, NC who has provided me with in depth knowledge of Western Traditional Astrology. I have also studied with Ryan Kurczak of the Asheville Vedic Astrology School, who has given me the Vedic Astrology perspective.

I believe your personal birth chart represents your relationship to the universe at the moment you were born. This explains not only your personality, challenges, and talents, but also your ability to attract and handle events, good or bad. Learning about your chart will help you understand why you are the way you are, what caused events in the past, what will happen in the future, and how to work with the energy for your continued evolution. It will illuminate the reasons for the current dilemmas you may find yourself in and show you how to make positive changes in your life. Through knowing and understanding your chart your life will be easier,
you’ll start attracting what you want and your evolution will be more joyful and full of the grace of the heavens.

Please provide me with birth date, time, and place of birth, and any specific questions you may have. Composite charts for two people are available as well. Very insightful for relationships.

One hour consultation $90 (in person or over phone) and $120 for couples.
Consultations with flower essence to address chart issues $111 (shipping included in US)
International shipping available for $10 more

I am also available to teach workshops or classes on a general overview of Astrology or detailed aspects of it. Including but not limited to: The houses, degrees of signs, Planet’s energies, Chiron, Moon signs, rising signs, flower essences and the houses, etc.