Galea, Kerry

Kerry GaleaGalea, Kerry
Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
0419 382 131

Kerry Galea I live and work in the country area of Gippsland in Victoria in Australia. Originally I trained as a Medical Scientist and I continue to work part-time in this field today. It keeps my Virgo nature happy. There was a time I trained and worked as a teacher, But I recovered from that experience!

I work with you through my Astrology and Palmistry readings which uses astrology chart with the positions of the planets and the stars, along with the lines of the hand, to see your position in life’s journey. They are your map of life and I am your map-reader.

And I create and publish the Ancient Moon Gardening Almanac which uses the position of the Moon through the month for the best times to plant, sow, prune, feed, weed, fertilise and harvest.

My qualifications include

Batchelor of Applied Science in Medical Science
Graduate Diploma of Education
Diploma of Astrology from the Federation of Australian Astrologers
Diploma in Applied Astrology from AstroSynthesis
Practitioners Diploma of Medieval Astrology from AstroLogos
Certificate in Palmistry ICP (now closed)
and my plants love me!