Gardstein, T.C.

T.C. GardsteinGardstein, T.C.
Brooklyn, NY

I offer private, in-depth astrology consultations in person, by phone, and via Skype, as well as private lessons if you wish to learn more about astrology. If you live in New York City and are throwing a party, I can give special mini-readings for your guests.

My credentials: I dove headfirst into the bottomless ocean of astrology when I had my natal chart interpreted in 1991, and have been giving readings since 1993. The more I learn about this art, the more I realize that the learning never stops. I have published articles in Dell Horoscope, Mountain Astrologer, the NY chapter of the National Council of Geocosmic Research (NCGR), and highly esteemed astrologer Donna Cunningham featured me on her website for the first International Astrology Day in 2010; my article, “The ‘We’ Generation,” was selected among the top 5 from that occasion. Since 2009 I have actively maintained an “anti-horoscope” astrology website, Pluto Rising Astrology, since astrology is so much more than sun-sign horoscopes. On the homepage you can read references from satisfied clients.

My philosophy: I believe that astrology is an art, not just light entertainment. However, I add an element of playfulness and humor that my clients appreciate. My sessions are true dialogues, not me running off at the mouth in “astrologese.” I can advise you of specific windows of opportunity to develop your natal talents, shine in the public eye, set goals, break bad habits, find good ones, look for love, explore relationship issues with your current partner, relocate…whatever area/s of life you most want to focus on during a session.

My specialties: natal (birth chart), progressions, Solar Return (birthday) and Lunar Return (monthly) readings, relocation charts, career readings, and relationship readings (with a romantic partner, a parent, a child, etc.). Anyone of any age can benefit from an astrology reading, as it can be a highly healing experience, but I also specialize in Saturn Return readings (29-30 years old) and the three “midlife crisis” aspects that hit between 40-44 years old. Having just made it through the latter, I now feel far more qualified to counsel those who are in the midst of these stormy years than when I was a pre-Saturn Return whippersnapper.

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