Gehrz, Andrea

Andrea Gehrz Gehrz, Andrea
Portland, Oregon
971-404-5068 (landline, please do not text)

Andrea Gehrz is an astrological scholar and practicing astrologer based out of Portland, Oregon. After attending Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences in pursuit of a Master’s degree, Ms. Gehrz went on to learn Ancient Greek and Latin at Portland State University in preparation to translate a number of ancient Greek astrological texts. Building upon her many years in the field of Sign Language interpreting, Ms. Gehrz has rendered eloquent and readable translations of ancient texts by both Porphyry of Tyre and Vettius Valens. Her first translation of An Introduction to the Tetrabiblos by Porphyry won second place in the Philosophy and Classics division of the 2011 Independent Book Publishing Awards. Having cut her teeth in the works of the ancients, Ms. Gehrz is now finishing up her own book entitled Astrological Remediation: A Guide for the Modern Practitioner. Ms. Gehrz continues to delight in her work doing readings, astrological research, translating Greek texts, and preparing for her upcoming radio show on the “7th Wave” channel entitled the “Astrological Detective.” Ms. Gehrz is available for Astrology readings, lectures, and more!