Gilbert, Sara

Sara GilbertGilbert, Sara
Carrum Downs, Victoria, Australia
0412 235 935

Sara Gilbert was brought into being to help you decode the unique patterns that keep repeating throughout your life. She is a specialist in Life Purpose and Design, who can empower you to feel at home with yourself and find your own unique place in the world!

Sara is able to draw on wisdom from multi-faceted knowledge of esoteric systems: Astrology, Tarot, Myth, Goddess Energy, the Tree of Life, Numerology, Palmistry and Hand Analysis. This enables a richer understanding, as each tool reinforces your life design through a slightly different lens. Her approach is psychological and based on foundations from a childhood passion for mythology which has grown into the desire to explore everything connected with how our personality is created, what previous lifetimes we have experienced and what is our purpose in this incarnation. She is fascinated by all forms of ancient wisdom systems and loves the synchronicity that exists between them as they are drawn from the same universal source.

Sara can work with you through private consultation or a series of courses and workshops. Sara is an accurate, insightful and empowering consultant, who is able to integrate the wisdom from her many fields of spiritual knowledge and life experience into her readings. She offers consultations from Carrum Downs and but travels regularly to offer her services at a variety of Expos and Festivals across Melbourne, Victoria and many states across Australia. Services are also made available by Skype or telephone. Sara is available to work at an hourly rate for corporate events and parties, at venues provided by the client, inquiries are welcomed.