Goswami, Ankita

Jaipur, India

Ankita Goswami is a certified international vedic astrologer from jaipur india. Jaipur itself a astrological land. Here you can find JANTAR MANTAR where we are calculating astronomical phenomenon. She is M.Tech in NANOTECHNOLOGY which is a branch of physics. Due to science background her remedies are scientific. She persuaded JYOTISH RATNA from delhi and VEDIC JYOTISHI and TARROT from jaipur. Still she is exploring new area of astrology like KP, PALM READING and CHAKRA CLEANING.

She believes that when we born the astronomic positions of stars are deciding our fate. JANM PATRIKA is just a photocopy of sky at time of birth. An astrologer can help you to achieve maximum out of your fate. She gave remedies very simple ,easy to do yet effective. She is also a good counsellor who direct confused person toward right path with positivity. Her intuition power is magical . She read 500 kundali regarding marriage,child birth, career, health etc. She is running a YOUTUBE CHANNEL with 1000 subscribers and 1.4 lac viewers. Her office named JYOTISHTATVAM running successfully in jaipur and also solving problems of international clients through her website.