Gregg, Michelle

Michelle GreggGregg, Michelle
Atlanta, GA

Michelle Gregg is a Counseling Astrologer, utilizing Astrology, a Jungian psychological model, and Mythology to counsel people toward their highest good. Her work opens people to their greatest potential, reminds them of their life-path, and offers new perspectives for moving through old patterns and issues. It is truly a catalyst for many, and a healing journey on psychological, emotional and spiritual levels. Michelle brings a unique perspective, 20 years of study, 12 years of consulting experience, and incredible intuition to every consultation, class and student. In a recent appearance Michelle stated that, “In the proper hands Astrology is one of the most profound tools available for finding insights and truths, and for learning how to best relate to our loved ones, and ourselves. It is the spring-board to self-mastery through knowledge of the unadulterated Self.”

“Michelle Gregg is the real thing: an astrologer who uses her extensive, up-to-date knowledge with real intuition. She has helped me with her insights, and I am especially impressed with her thoughtful and sensitive approach. The world doesn’t always realize it, but we need a person with Michelle’s special gift now more than ever.”

~Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul and Soul Mates