Hammond, Richard Gideon

Richard HammondHammond, Richard Gideon
San Diego, CA

Richard is an inventor, scientist, computer engineer, carpenter, chemist, philosopher, and astrologer. After living in France for 11 years, when he came to America, he realized this country is in desperate need of spiritual guidance. He has been studying astrology since I was a child, and his mother was an astrologer with a professional career healing and teaching astrology. By applying scientific theory and philosophy to the understandings of astrology, he has an even broader knowledge of the universe and our impact and purpose in it.

With our current technology, learning astrology is now easier than ever. Richard is fluent in french, and a firm believer in integrating self sustainability and technology in one’s life in order to achieve autonomy. He specializes in all areas of astrology with a soft spot for compatibility, chiron, electional, esoteric, financial, and business astrology.

Your reading with Richard is sure to not only impress you, but leave you with a sense of direction, purpose, and answers to you greatest questions. He works remotely and can video or phone chat with anyone anywhere in the world.