Hand, Robert

Robert HandHand, Robert
Reston, VA

Astrologer Robert Hand is an internationally renowned astrologer who is the author of many fine astrology books including, Planets in Transit, Planets in Composite, Planets in Youth, Horoscope Symbols, and Essays on Astrology. He is also the author of a series of short tracts on ancient and medieval astrology. In 1976 he began writing astrological programs for microcomputers and in 1979 he founded Astro-Graphic Services, Inc. (now Astrolabe Inc.) and Astrolabe Software to make the benefits of computers available to astrologers. Robert conducts seminars all over the world and is a favorite keynote speaker at important astrological conferences throughout the year. He has explored heliocentric, sidereal, Uranian, cosmobiology and in mundo techniques and uses a synthesis of these, along with more standard techniques in his practice. He is currently involved with the Archive for the Retrieval of Historical Astrological Texts, a company that publishes both translations of ancient and medieval texts and publishes new material on traditional astrology. Robert’s speaking schedule can be accessed through his website.