Harte, Judith

Judith HarteHarte, Judith
Los Angeles, CA
310- 281-7991

Judith Harte, Ph.D., is a licensed psychotherapist and depth astrological consultant, who has received training in both marriage and family counseling and Jungian oriented psychotherapy. Her practice of depth psychotherapy includes individuals, families and couples whose concerns range from women’s issues, to problems involving stage related life transition, couples and family dynamics, and/or the philosophical or existential challenges of daily living. Depending upon the client’s needs and desires these issues may also be further illuminated by the in depth analysis of each client’s horoscope. In her practice, astrology truly meets psychology. She works with each client to give amplification and illumination to that place within us all where the needs of the soul may intersect and co-exist with the practical business of daily life. Dr. Harte is located in the West Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks areas, and is also available by telephone and email. For more information visit her website, listed above.
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