Heath, Robin

Robin Heath Heath, Robin
Wales, UK

Robin Heath is a full time professional astrologer and has a FAS Intermediate Diploma. He was the editor of the Astrological Journal from 1995-1998, has written extensively for astrological press, including TMA, the AJ, AFA Journal etc. He has been involved in media work which includes The Love Test, 16 half hour programmes advising couples live on TV. He has also appeared in numerous radio programs. Robin currently teaches at Bath Spa University College as a visiting lecturer, and lectures at the FAS summer School in Oxford each summer and at the AA conference alternate years. He is researching the pre-literate roots of astronomy and astrology, particularly the sacred geometry and calendar systems of the megalithic culture of northwestern Europe. He is the Author of Sun, Moon and Stonehenge, Sun, Moon, Earth, and A beginner’s guild to Stone Circles and he conducts guided tours to megalithic sites.

He has a client centered approach, with 30 years of professional experience. A first consultation is £50,by post or personal. All sessions recorded onto cassette if required. Contact Robin at his email address listed above.