Herring, Amy

Amy HerringHerring, Amy
Seattle/Shoreline, WA

I am professional astrologer living in the Seattle, Washington area. I have been a practicing astrologer for over 11 years. I have always been fascinated by psychology and spirituality, and view astrology as where the two meet and deepen each other. Carl Jung said “I’d rather be whole than good.” I have always believed that if we cannot see who we truly are out of fear of acknowledging our deepest selves, we stumble around, reacting to life instead of directing it. We can eventually begin to live life as a ghost, caught up in what others want for us, what’s practical, trying hard to be nice and considerate and good, believing that we must sacrifice in order to accomplish those things. We become stuck in this momentum of just existing and not living. I consider it my life’s work to help others know and honor themselves.

I am always perfecting my craft through private study and also through attending seminars and conferences such as NORWAC (the Northwest Astrology Conference) and the American Federation of Astrologers conferences. I am an ongoing student of Steven Forrest through his Apprenticeship Program and am completing my final level of certification as an Evolutionary Astrologer, which is a view that specializes in the soul’s journey, purpose, and life lessons. I also teach locally through public classes and one on one mentoring. I consistently have astrology articles published in local newspapers in Seattle as well as publishing free articles on my own website and writing a monthly astrology newsletter for clients. I aim for an honest and compassionate approach and a choice-centered philosophy behind my readings. I offer natal, relationship, and future readings as well as relocation & astro*carto*graphy and readings for children & parents.