The Hierophant Tarot Meaning

The Hierophant tarot card depicts values and traditions. The card can represent a counselor who is responsible for providing guidance. On many tarot decks, it usually depicts a spiritual or religious figure such as a rabbi, vicar, monk, priest, preacher, or imam. This figure is responsible for passing down spiritual wisdom.

The Hierophant tarot card is the male version of The High Priestess. He sits in the middle of two pillars of the high temple. However, the Hierophant’s temple differs from hers. He dons red, blue, and white vestments with a triple-tiered crown. The three robs and the three tiers of the crown represent the conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious. These three are the worlds that the Hierophant reigns over.

He holds a Papal Cross in his left hand. This triple scepter symbolizes his authority. The Hierophant holds his right hand out as a religious blessing or benediction gesture. His two fingers on the right-hand point toward heaven while the other two point towards the earth.

Two followers or acolytes sit beneath him, depicting the transfer of sacred knowledge. The depiction further signifies the pursuit of knowledge and education. Taurus rules the Hierophant tarot card.

The Hierophant Upright

The Hierophant Tarot Card Meanings (Upright): The upright Hierophant card encourages the embracing of the conventional as it states you have the desire to follow a well-laid-out process. It further asserts that you should stay within the bounds of the set practices. Therefore, you will not need to be creative or innovative because you will follow beliefs and systems already in place.

The Hierophant claims that following the set social traditions is the best choice. The traditions may include religious trappings, rituals, ceremonies, or even an online tarot community. A Tarot reading with the Hierophant card appearing suggests that you should follow set social norms for your well-being. It is a sign of institutions and their set of values.

Love – Upright

The Hierophant Tarot in relationship tarot readings points to traditional religion’s effects on love and our choice of partners. The meaning can further indicate more spiritual aspects of love and may be a reminder for treating our romantic partners with love and care. The card indicates that you can be attracted to a conventional, safe, and highly regarded partner by the community. Also, you may avoid partners that are considered misfits by the community.

It could also represent marriage. The marriage, in this case, is marked by a bond that is conventional, traditional, and acceptable by all social standards. Furthermore, it could represent you and your partner are prone to share a common set of beliefs.

Career – Upright

In Career tarot readings the Upright Hierophant suggests you will find success by working with other people at that moment. It indicates you should not deviate from the conventional path and has been tried and tested. It is a sign of settling for the safe way, given the many variables and challenges associated with careers.

The card further indicates that working in tandem as a team achieves better results than working individually. It asserts that group cohesion is better than individuality. At times, this card can indicate a senior authority or mentor. This mentor is meant to guide you and aid in the growth of your career. It also implies that the addition of knowledge through schools or vocational training will help advance your career.

Finances – Upright

The Upright Hierophant suggests you should stick to conventional money management and saving. It suggests that keeping money in traditional institutions is the best option. The reading discourages new ventures and unconventional side hustles. It further claims unconventional ventures will complicate life by bringing more trouble and advises you to shun gambling and new financial products.

Health – Upright

The Hierophant tarot reading suggests traditional healing and medicine if you are sick at the moment. Additionally, the reading suggests a lifestyle change. The lifestyle change can be actualized by working to improve your health through regular exercise and taking vitamin supplements to boost your immune system.

Spirituality – Upright

The Hierophant represents spirituality that links humankind to a higher power. It suggests that a religious figure with spiritual wisdom may be coming into your life to guide you on your spiritual path. The card is associated with traditional religion, spiritual practice, and religious practices. Therefore, if you do not practice some type of spiritual or religious heritage, it suggests that you will benefit from establishing a ceremony or ritual in your spiritual life.

The Hierophant Reversed

The Hierophant Tarot Card Meanings (Reversed): The Hierophant reversed tarot suggests it is time to walk away from the conventional. You will have to deviate from the path tried, traditional structures, societal rules, and social norms. It does not matter what others think; family and friends will not understand the need for you to leave behind social norms. However, you will have to throw away all traditional rules and structures.

This Tarot reading may indicate an alternative lifestyle or unconventional way of living. It may indicate a level of rigidity on your part. You may be holding on to traditional systems that are hindering your growth. Additionally, the Hierophant reversed may point out that you suffer from guilt whenever you deviate from social norms set for you.

The reading encourages you to follow your conscious and learn to live by your own rules. As a result, the hierophant promises freedom from oppression and bondage of the traditional ways. Following the advice will lead to an open mind and the onset of new horizons. In conclusion, the card can also indicate a conflict with an authority figure.

Love – Reversed

The Hierophant reversed Tarot reading may indicate your relationship has become mundane. It indicates that the foundation of the relationship was based on practicability, but it has since become dull and lackluster. Further, the Hierophant reversed can point out a difference in views between you and your partner. Therefore, the reading is an indication that some compromises are required in the relationship.

In addition, the card may imply that not all the advice you are receiving regarding your relationship is helpful. The Reversed Hierophant reading asserts that you may be better off deciding what is best for you.

Career – Reversed

When it comes to a career reading the Hierophant reversed indicates suppressed achievement in the workplace by rules, bureaucracy, and processes in the workplace. The tarot card shows that you may feel restricted in your career. Also, it is an indication that your organization is adamant and rigid, and they are not open to your new ideas. The tarot card suggests you should deliberately work on influencing your colleagues and bosses into new ways of doing things. Furthermore, you can weigh the risks of deviating from the norms and try to hold on to your opinions.

Finances – Reversed

The advice you are getting from your peers on financial matters may feel limiting. The Hierophant indicates that you may have to think outside conventional ways to make more money. You can venture into new horizons like blockchain or start a side hustle in your free time. You should, however, remain realistic and weigh the risk worth taking. Furthermore, it would be best to consider what you are willing to forfeit.

Health – Reversed

The Hierophant reversed tarot card indicates it might be an excellent time to incorporate new remedies such as holistic therapies in case of illness. It is an indication that you do not have to be rigid in health routines and exercises. Try new things that you would not usually try for more excellent health results.

Spirituality – Reversed

The Reversed Hierophant indicates that you need to let go of traditional beliefs that no longer work in your favor. You are encouraged to open your mind and explore different spiritual paths settling on what is best for your interests. Furthermore, the reading reminds you that you do not have to conform to traditional beliefs to be a spiritual person. Finally, this tarot card can indicate a figure of authority caught in a scandal or a disgraceful moment.