Hunter Hawks, Paradise

Paradise Hunter HawksHunter Hawks, Paradise
Centreville, VA
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Astrology is a language that enables us to understand not only who we are, but also, how to best we may utilize our gifts and talents.
I specialize in compatibility astrology and have used it to assist several coworkers on achieving better communication skills. In relationship sessions (couples, friends, family members), compatibility and differences are pointed out with the goal of exploring how to bridge differences or simply to understand them. Often we do not understand why we have friction with certain people, but after examining compatibility, we can understand how our energies are being received and learn to better communicate our thoughts in language that the other person can appreciate.

My vocation is to show you the cosmos at the exact moment you were born and then interpret for you how you can best utilize your very own ‘solar system’ to become the super star of your life!

Specialties include:
Traditional Astrology
Natal Chart Readings
Synastry (Relationship) Astrology