Judgment Tarot Card Meaning

Judgment tarot cards show a picture of men, women, and children rising to respond to the trumpet of the archangel Gabriel. They stand naked to accept whatsoever judgment they have to bear for the greatest good.

The judgment tarot could mean being harshly judged by people. It could also indicate a high self-awareness and self-evaluation to evaluate your choices and intents. This level of judgment demonstrates clarity and composure in decision-making and positive choices.

The tarot judgment cards represent two forms of judgment. Karmic lessons for increased self-awareness indicate that a person is upright or reversed.

Upright Judgment

To make the correct decisions and face the truth, individuals must be aware of their emotions, thoughts, and personality. Self-reflection can help with this. However, some people don’t know how to introduce self-reflection into their life or if they should even do it at all. This card indicates that without self-awareness and honesty, one may be tempted to live a life that is not authentic.

Love Upright

Tarot upright meaning could be an awakening and clarity indicating a time of self-reflection and analysis. The issues ignored in the past may have come to light, and you can see your mistakes. This will help you communicate effectively with your partner. Minor adjustments can quickly save your relationship.

Financial Upright

Your past relationship with money may need adjustments. After a period of self-evaluation and awakening, your past poor financial habits may come to light which has hindered your material acquisition. The analysis can help you make changes and review your economic history.

Health Upright

If you have been through a period of illness, these cards could mean a new state of wellness and wholesomeness. It may also indicate a new road to recovery amid the challenging circumstances.

Career Upright

There are many different careers to choose from, and it can be challenging to know which one is right for you. However, if you have found a new purpose or direction in your life, it may be time to make some changes. Maybe you had a calling that you have constantly ignored. It may be the right time to awaken this desire. Sometimes you may have difficulties at your workplace or position. You can now confidently make adjustments. These changes may be a challenge or easy to make. The judgment card may also indicate a new relationship with workmates and superiors.

Spirituality Upright

These cards represent renewal and spiritual awakening. They could also indicate a new calling to an enlightened calling path for a spiritual rebirth or awakening.

Reversed Judgement

These cards represent a doubtful consciousness and reversed decision-making. It could mean a lack of self-evaluation and clarity of mind. The cards are an indicator of a self-doubtful personality and self-loathing. Due to repeated failures to learn lessons, your self-awareness could also be declining. The cards may be an indicator of homesickness and loneliness. It could also mean a lack of purpose and struggle to find one’s place in the world. There is certain distress in these cards that suggest that there is not a lot of self-love. Rather than taking care of yourself, you cannot put your own needs first or be confident enough to do so.

Love Reversed

In a moment of self-doubt, a relationship could decline due to a lack of proper decisions. A reversed judgment could mean trusting the rumors or gossip about your partner, leading you to make rash decisions. This decision may kill your relationship. this card indicates that you should begin seeing yourself and your relationship with moderation, honesty, and facing reality.

Career Reversed

This is a turning point for your career to make or break it. It indicates a need to decide, but you are clouded by self-doubt. At this point, make necessary decisions and be bold to confront obstacles on your career path. Make sure you have no hesitation when it comes to choices. Try as much as possible to improve your relationship at your workplace. Remember to have self-awareness even when presenting your projects and communicating with your colleagues.

Finances Reversed

This doubtful nature may have entered your financial life. You find yourself deliberating on what to buy and what not to. This is a moment of liberation. Be confident in your purchases. If anything pleases you and you have money, go on. However, this is no license to extreme extravagance and gambling. If you had a financial setback recently, you must be extremely cautious in your expenditure.

Health Reversed

A reversed judgment could indicate that you should look back and reflect. If you have are suffering from long-term illness or injury, it is high time to let go. to do this, you need to forgive whoever caused your damage so that your recovery may be quickened.

Spiritual Reversed

Self-doubt and declining your call may be reflected on the card. Also, your inability to learn karmic lessons or attend to them. Reversed judgment may call you to listen to them, or the universe may bring them back bolder and more aggressive. Give yourself time to learn these lessons to progress smoothly and quickly in life.

Judgment could be the turning point for your life. Therefore, it is essential to treasure the time you have to make adjustments in life to progress smoothly and efficiently.