Justice Tarot Card Meaning

The justice tarot card is a major arcana card that symbolizes law, fairness, and truth. The scales on her left hand represent a balance between intuition and logic. The double-edged sword in her right hand symbolizes impartiality. The squire on the crown in her head is a symbol of clear thoughts which are needed when providing a fair outcome and balanced decision.

There are grey standing pillars, and they act as a symbol of law, balance, and structure. The justice figure is placed partially in front of a purple cloak behind her to represent compassion. Beneath her red robe, the tip of her white shoe is visible. This is to remind us that what she gives is the outcome of our actions.

Justice Upright Meaning

This is an example of tarot cards dealing with fairness from a tarot reader interpitation.

Justice Tarot Card Meanings (Upright): The Justice card portrays Truth, Fairness, and law. You are called to show empathy and compassion and make sure others are treated fairly. This tarot card reminds you that the things you do today will definitely affect your tomorrow, and you’ll be judged according to those actions. You’ll be on the safe side if you act in fairness to others, but you will not be spared if you do any injustice. You will be held accountable and called out to make amends for those mistakes. This is a card of life lessons!

The Justice card also requires you to be honest and truthful. Always be honest and speak the truth about other people. Don’t be quick to gossip about others or talk ill about them. When passing judgments, search for the truth and give your judgment based on real facts. Remember that the truth does not always stand for what you believe. Get to understand the truth from other people’s perspectives also.

If you want justice, this tarot card appearance in a tarot reading might mean that you will surely get justice. In case you are involved in a legal dispute, the justice card will ensure you speak with truth and integrity. Once the ruling is made, you should accept it as there are no retrials with this card.

Love – Upright

When it comes to love, Justice indicates that if you have made enough efforts, love and romance are definitely coming your way. If you are single, when the tarot card Justice appears in a reading it suggests that potential romances will be attracted to your good personality.

For those in relationships, if you’ve been loving, kind, and supportive to your partner but did not get that in return, the Justice tarot indicates that it’s time to get the situation balanced. However, if you’ve been dishonest in relationships, karmic justice may be coming for you as the truth will be revealed. Justice calls for fairness, respect, trust, and understanding for your relationship to prosper.

Career – Upright

The Justice card requires you to know the worth of your career. Pay attention to your work and treat your workmates with respect. When you make mistakes, be responsible and correct those mistakes. If you have any work disputes, the card indicates that you’ll get justice because you have been truthful and honest. The card also reminds you to balance your work life with your personal life.

Money & Finances – Upright

What you get is balanced with what you give. This is what the card indicates. It reminds you to balance your needs with those of others. Be honest and fair in all your financial dealings for you to be rewarded.

Justice Reversed Meaning

Justice Tarot Card Meanings (Reversed): Justice reversed in a tarot reading explains that if you have done something that is not acceptable, you have two choices. You may choose to hide it from everyone, or you can accept that you’ve made mistakes and find ways to correct them. You should choose what feels right for you, putting in mind how your choice affects your conscience.

If the justice card is reversed, it may mean that you are not ready to accept your wrongdoings, and you are trying to run away from your guilt and shame. By doing this, you’ll be trying to put the blame on others by justifying your wrong actions thus leading to an unfair outcome.

In case the card is reversed, you should know that it’s not the end of the road for you as long as you do what is required of you. You should deeply assess your inner self and come up with ways to correct those mistakes. Taking responsibility for what you did will set you free and lead you to make better judgments in the future.

The reversed justice tarot card may also indicate that you have been dishonest. If you’ve lied about anything, tell the truth and seek forgiveness. Don’t try to sugarcoat your lie, as this will complicate the situation.

The Justice reversed card in legal matters such as legal disputes may indicate an unfair ruling or other legal complications. You are probably likely to face some form of injustice or unfairness in court.

Love – Reversed

When Justice shows up in the reversed position in a love reading it may indicate your dishonesty in relationships. It shows that you are about to get caught if you deceived your partner or cheated on them. You should prepare to face the consequences when your partner finds out. This card can also mean you are not satisfied with the way your significant other treats you. You may feel that they are not as just and fair as you.

During this time, you should take the opportunity to study your inner self. Ask yourself if you are becoming too much. Are you expecting some kind of romance that does not exist in the universe? If the bar is too high, understand that your partner is also a human being and try to balance the situation.

Career – Reversed

In a career reading, this card may mean that you are experiencing unfairness at work. Either you’ll take the blame for someone else mistake, or your workmates are planning to get you fired. It is advisable to think things through prior to taking any action. Do not confront your accusers, as the justice card indicates that things might not work in your favor.

Justice reversed card may also indicate that you have been dishonest in your career. It may mean corruption on your side. If you’ve conducted any illegal businesses, this may be your karma. Lack of accountability will only bring consequences in your life. You should accept the mistakes and correct them.

Money & Finances – Reversed

In finance, the Justice reversed card can indicate injustice when dealing with money. Try as much as possible to avoid gambling and risky investments as you may lose huge sums of money. Don’t be quick to share your financial information and records with everybody, as some people are not trustworthy.