Kalpdev, Rekha

Kalpdev, Rekha
South Delhi, New Delhi

Rekha Kalpdev is a Graduate in Commerce from Delhi University. She has done her M. COM. from Himachal University. Apart from that she has done B. Ed. from Jamia Millia University. After completing her B. Ed. she has studied Jyotish Alankar and Jyotish Aacharya . She has done research in the field of astrology for years.
Rekha Kalpdev believes that present incidents of a person’s life are pre-planned. These can be changed partially by our deeds, but to change them completely is out of our control. Therefore, every person should fulfill his duty without worrying about its result. Astrological solutions only work with a person’s favorable conditions. The control of all the powers of the Universe is in the hands of another power. Without its consent no solution works. Therefore, by devoting ourselves to that supreme power every single moment, we can fulfill our duties with pure hearts.

From last fourteen years , Rekha kalpdev is receiving knowledge regarding sustained astrology which itself is a gem in vast sea of astrology. Despite this she is well renowned as astrology consultant and worked as consultant for many popular websites . Rekha has been expert in resolving matters regarding health, wealth, child, education, marriage, legal disputes, business, passage abroad, religious beliefs, love affairs, & surgery etc .
To know favorable and unfavorable phrases of life events & future events Rekha uses Janampatri, Planet, Yoga, Nakshatra, Dasha & Transit . For answering to questioners, she uses facet Horary Astrology & have certain amount of philosophical & mythological knowledge for giving predictions with correct interpretation. Rekha is religiously devoted towards Shri Ganesha, Lord Shiva & Sai baba & strictly believes these God’s blessings are the reasons behind her correct prophecy in astrology.