Katoch, Sanjeev

Sanjeev KatochKatoch, Sanjeev
Richmond BC Canada

Sanjeev is a professional Vedic astrologer in Richmond BC Canada. He has fifteen years of experience in consulting astrology. In these fifteen years he did strenuous research on practical Vedic astrology and predictive principles. After analyzing horoscope in detail he can read a person like an open book.

Sanjeev follows a rational procedures based on the solar system, zodiac, stars or nakshatras, time, houses and birth rashi. He has firm grasp over principles of astrology, gemology, tantra, mantras, vaastu shastra & muhuratas.
He not only assists people to understand their present and past but also predicts future to alter their negative karmic life map.

He resolves problems in relationships, health, business, jobs & education by astrological remedies such as ratnas, yantras, mantras, tantras and much more.

For consultation please email or phone. Or find me on my facebook page for astrology videos and information.