King of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot cards have a lot of stories to tell about people’s lives. They do not predict the future, but they help put you on the right track to figure things out. Tarot cards tell stories and the different ways people live their lives. As basic as it may be, they tell stories about life cycles. You get to find out the answers to your deepest quotations on every topic; career, unanswered question, or love.

Tarot cards have different intriguing symbolic meanings, which have been for hundreds of years. What started as a mare game in the 15th century, today, it is a source of spiritual guidance. With a deck of 78 cards, every card in Tarot has a story to tell. But what if you pick Kings of Cups? Here is what to expect.

The General Meaning and Interpretation (Upright)

Looking into the general open meaning of Kings of Cups upright, it represents kindness, wisdom, and compassion. It could indicate that you will find the balance between your heart and mind. You will learn to control your emotions as you let things beyond your control be. Picking the King of Cups upright may also mean that you will gain a deeper emotional maturity as you develop sympathy and tolerance towards others.

It also signifies creativity, intuition, artistic ability, and emotion in a balanced form. As an individual, the King of Cups is an older male who can offer sound advice and be a calming influence in your life. He is also a good listener, easy-going and diplomatic, has few to no enemies, likes, and gets along with almost everyone. His main focus is on the emotional side of life. Thus, he may not pursue material wealth, and he is family-oriented.

Love and Relationships Meaning (Upright)

If you are looking for love and relationship Tarot card reading, picking the King of Cups has a lot to tell you. In a relationship, it could signify a good husband, father, or partner. The card signifies love; therefore, you should find much emotional fulfillment with minimum petty arguments.

There should also be lots of affection and romance in your relationship. However, if you have had tough times emotionally, it is a sign that, finally, you will find emotional support within the relationship.

The card King of Cups symbolizes a potential partner headed your way for the single chaps, or you could be the potential partner to someone else. It portrays virtues of loyalty, devotion, romance, and charm. The card represents an older man, so be sure he is emotionally mature and quite generous regarding time, advice, and money.

Money and Career (Upright)

In a career reading, the King of Cups could indicate that there could be an older male headed your way to offer you support and guidance in your career. It could also indicate that you are heading towards finding the wisdom to resolve your career issues and develop diplomacy skills. You will be a darling to many and earn respect from colleagues.

The card also reminds you to balance all areas of your life as you focus on giving your career the attention it needs. If you are on the path to finding a new direction or looking for care, the card could indicate that you will be working in a healing and caring field that best suits you, for instance, counseling or nursing.

In finance, the King of Cups is usually a sign of financial stability and security due to wisdom. However, you may not have the drive for material wealth. It could also mean that you do not have balance in your financial dealings, and it is better to find balance.

Health and Spiritual Meaning (Upright)

When seeking health reading, picking the King of Cups is a good sign. In terms of physical health, if you have been sick, you will have healing and deliverance. If you are not sick, it is a reminder to treat yourself with kindness and empathy, and you should be feeling emotionally positive about your health.

King of Cups signifies high development of psychic and intuitive ability in spiritual reading. It is also an indicator that you will receive and understand the spiritual messages spirits send you, and you will use them to help others. It also indicates that somehow you have learned to trust your intuition and abilities.

General Meaning (Reversed)

A reversed King of Cups could mean that you are too sensitive and lack emotional maturity. You allow yourself to be gullible or put yourself in a position where everyone can take advantage of you. The card tells you to take responsibility for your emotions and be accountable for your behavior.

It also represents bitter, uncaring, manipulative, and unkind behavior. It indicates a person who uses their ability to sense the emotional weakness of others and use it as a weapon against them. He takes pleasure in the vulnerability of others.

Love and Relationships Meaning (Reversed)

In love Tarot card reading, picking a reversed King of Cups is not a pleasing moment. It could indicate that you or your partner could become emotionally unstable and cause problems in the relationship. One of you may be dealing with some tough emotional problems and, as a result, is making things unbearable for the other partner. It is best to take some time and put your emotions in order.

It could also indicate a sign of cheating, disloyalty, or perverted sexual behavior, which could be as a result of rape or abuse. If this is the situation, it is best to seek professional help and create a safe and secure environment for yourself.

A reversed King of Cups may be a disappointing card to pick for single people. It could indicate an affair with a married man. Alternatively, it could indicate a potential partner with a controlling, cold, and deceptive heart. It could warn you to be careful of your personal space and safety when dating.

Money and Creer Meaning (Reverse)

Tarot reading in a career context, a reversed card could mean that you will meet an emotionally unstable, cold, or ruthless male at your place of work. This individual will stop at nothing to get what they want. It could also indicate your behavior at your place of work. If you chose the career because of the money and there is no fulfillment, it is time to change your mind. Change your career path and find something that gives you fulfillment.

In terms of money or finances, a reversed King of Cups is a warning not to be gullible with money. It could mean you are at high risk of being a con artist or extortion victim. Therefore, be careful who you trust and only take financial advice from vetted professionals. Do not get into deals you do not fully understand with people you do not trust.

Health and Spiritual Meaning (Reverse)

Picking King of Cups reversed in a health reading is an indication that something in your life or immediate environment is affecting your health. It could also mean turning to drugs and alcohol as coping mechanisms for your overwhelming emotional issues. You have to find balance and take responsibility for your choices to improve your health.

In a spiritual context, a reversed King of Cups could mean that your intuitive and psychic abilities are blocked, or you are using your spiritual gifts incorrectly. You could be using your gifts to manipulate or control others. Alternatively, it could mean waiting for your spiritual gifts to manifest. It is best to put more focus and energy into your development.


Reading and understanding Tarot cards need talent and patience. You need to speak the language of the cards and know more about their obscure meanings. Tarot tells stories about the cycles of life. However, please note that the cards, majorly Arcana, do not represent any particular person at a reading. It could represent someone else in your life or symbolize a general issue. Therefore, do not take it too personally or too seriously.