King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

The King of Pentacles is a Minor Arcana tarot card that embodies a wide variety of masculine qualities and revolves around themes such as success, wealth, and abundance. Even so, the King of Pentacles does not only apply to males, and anyone with a strong drive for bettering themselves and supporting their family can have a great affinity with this card. This being the case, let’s take a closer look at the qualities that the King of Pentacles embodies and how it applies to specific situations in your life.

King of Pentacles Tarot Card Overview

In most tarot decks, the King of Pentacles is depicted as a confident and regal-looking man sitting on a throne. In his right hand, he usually holds a scepter and in the left, he holds a golden coin engraved with a pentagram. Contrary to popular belief, the pentagram is not a symbol representing evil, but rather a holy symbol with great mathematical importance. Other images found on the card include vines, bulls, and grapes. The grapes and vines symbolize abundance while the bull represents the King of Pentacles’ connection to the Zodiac sign Taurus. It should also be mentioned that this card also has a strong affinity with the signs Virgo and Capricorn as well.

In the upright position, the King of Pentacles means good fortune regarding success, wealth, and abundance. However, the reverse position can indicate several negative traits such as being overly materialistic, pursuing success simply for the sake of success, and being stubborn and uncompromising. With this in mind, let’s go over some of the specific qualities of the upright and reverse positions.

Situational Meanings of the King of Pentacles

One of the most notable things about the King of Pentacles tarot card is that it is very closely related to wealth and success. As such, all of the qualities that it embodies, both positive and negative, are typically seen in regard to how they relate to your finances and the accumulation of material wealth. However, the King of Pentacles can have great meaning in other situations such as love, relationships, family life, and your career.

Upright Position

The upright position of the King of Pentacles embodies positive masculine qualities that are associated with being a provider, leader of the household, and having an abundance of self-confidence. Material wealth is also a big part of the upright King of Pentacles tarot card but comes as a result of these positive qualities, not because wealth was pursued for its own sake. Here is a quick list of these qualities:

  • Patriarchal
  • Protective
  • Kind
  • Provider
  • Security
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-discipline

Love & Relationships – Upright

If you are in a relationship, the King of Pentacles means that you will reach a point of stability and security if you haven’t done so already. You and/or your partner are dependable providers and together you have created the perfect environment to nurture a family. If you already have a family, things are going well or will get better, especially in a material sense.

On the other hand, if you’re not in a relationship, the King of Pentacles tarot card can mean that you’re ready to find a serious partner and settle down. You might meet someone who can provide security and serve as a provider, or you may be ready to fulfill that role yourself.

Job & Career – Upright

The upright King of Pentacles is very straightforward when it comes to your job and career. If you haven’t found the success you’re looking for, you will find it soon. Your hard work is paying off and being noticed by the right people. In addition to increased wealth, you may also gain increased status as well.

Money & Finances – Upright

Once again, the upright King of Pentacles is very clear in its meaning when it comes to wealth. If you haven’t achieved financial security yet, you will soon. You may also reach a financial turning point in your life that changes everything for the better.

The upright King of Pentacles also means that you and/or your partner are doing a great job providing for the family. If you’ve been frugal in the past, you now have enough wealth and financial stability to spend money on luxuries that you previously couldn’t afford.

Reversed Position

In the reverse position, the King of Pentacles represents a range of negative masculine qualities. In most cases, these are simply the positive qualities taken to their extremes. One interesting thing here is that in the reverse position the holy pentagram symbol becomes its malevolent counterpart – the inverted pentagram. Here is a list of the negative traits associated with the reversed King of Pentacles.

  • Controlling
  • Posessive
  • Greedy
  • Arrogant
  • Materialistic
  • Chauvinistic
  • Wasteful

Love & Relationships – Reverse

The reversed King of Pentacles can mean a number of negative things when it comes to relationships. For example, it can mean that feelings of jealousy, possessiveness, and controlling behavior are driving you and your partner apart. It can also mean that you or your partner are not doing your part in supporting the relationship and/or your family. In any case, the reversed King of Pentacles represents unfaithfulness and a lack of stability.

If you’re not in a relationship, the reversed King of Pentacles can be a dire warning. You might meet someone who seems successful and attractive on the outside only for them to turn out to be controlling, manipulative, or even abusive. You should be wary of getting into a serious relationship at this time and be alert for red flags when dating.

Job & Career – Reverse

Just as the reversed King of Pentacles represents instability in relationships and the family, it also represents instability at work. Things are going poorly and will probably get worse. In many cases, this can be due to negative masculine traits embodied by you or someone you work with. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the reversed King of Pentacles to be a reference to an incompetent or abusive boss that’s harming your career and/or the business as a whole.

Money & Finances – Reverse

In its reversed position, the King of Pentacles is a dire warning when it comes to money. You may suffer serious setbacks and could even experience bankruptcy in a worst-case scenario. Wasteful spending and debt need to be brought under control as soon as possible, and if you’re gambling, it needs to stop immediately.

Interestingly enough, the reversed King of Pentacles can also mean that you have plenty of money but your stinginess is causing others to think poorly of you. If this is the case, try being more generous and stop pursuing wealth for its own sake.