King of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot readings play an integral role in demystifying your past, present, and future. Whatever life questions linger dauntingly in your mind, tarot readings provide insights geared at reducing ambiguous living.

The tarot deck comes in a multitude of tarot cards and you might wonder what pulling the king of wands minor arcana card portends for your life. In most cases, it is usually a sign that you are beginning to take the reins of your own life.

But is that all there is? Let’s explore some of the key meanings this kingly tarot card portends in different spheres of life when pulled upright and in reverse.

King of Wands Upright

King of Wands Tarot Card Meanings (Upright): At a glance, the King of Wands minor arcana card showcases a man (the king himself) sitting on a throne. In one of his hands, the king holds a seemingly blossoming wand, a perfect depiction of enduring life and creativity. Further, his throne and cape are accented with ornamental lions and salamanders to represent strength and fire respectively.

Another interesting detail pops in form of the salamanders biting their tails. That paints cycle-like imaging essentially portraying an infinite scenario backed by a never-ending resilient drive to stay the course against all odds.

Generally speaking, the King of Wands upright meaning indicates you possess the potential enthusiasm and motivation to achieve what you set your mind to do. In other words, you are in full control of your life, keen to avoid detractors.

Beyond leading your life, you also portray great potential to lead others. You are inclined toward motivating them, taking the lead in offering them guidance, and becoming an exemplary inspiration to everyone looking up to you. You are hardly distracted by other people’s opinions and you always strive for the courage to be different even when popular opinion seems to disfavor you.

Career – Upright

When the king of wands shows up in your career reading, it signifies a successful and respectable career, no matter your field. It shows that you are enthusiastic and motivated about your work.

This also paints you as a laudable natural-born leader richly endowed with charisma, confidence, and experience to drive others to success. In fact, you might even be a boss of your own business, mentor, or natural leader by the time the card appears in your spread.

Other than just your career, this card also depicts your potential in business, should you decide to take that route. The card simply states you are likely to make it big in business. In another sense, it can also foretell that a mature older male sharing some of the qualities with the king of wands will be instrumental in your career or business success.

Finances – Upright

The king of wands tarot card showing up in your financial tarot spread spells a good omen. It says you are likely to succeed financially thanks to your enterprising and innovative nature. It also states you are in control and an exceptional financial manager. There is a likelihood of longevity in your prudent financial habits.

Love – Upright

When it comes to love tarot reading, the emergence of the king of wands card represents a love life that is both energetic and enthusiastic. These qualities may be oozing from you or your partner. It depicts a partner who is a natural-born leader and always generous with their resources and time.

While generous, your partner may despise a needy or seemingly clingy lady. Instead, he prefers strong and independent ladies who wouldn’t dare curtail his freedom.

King of Wands Reversed

King of Wands Tarot Card Meanings (Reversed): In a more general perspective, the reversed king of wands tarot card may be indicative of several things. First of all, it may point to the fact that you lack the enthusiasm and motivation to realize what you set your mind to do. That means you prefer a laidback approach to life letting others take the steering wheel. Having less control over your life, you are consequently less proactive.

The King of Wands suggests that feeling incapacitated in how much you can deliver. Stripped of your power to lead, you will constantly feel guilty for letting others down, especially those looking up to you. You feel like you are setting the wrong example for them. You may end up becoming a crowd-pleaser afraid of their opinions. This will confine you to your comfort zone making you afraid to dare to be different.

Career – Reversed

The career meaning of the King of Wands reversed suggests an ill-fated career trajectory. It could be that you are losing your work focus and turning out to be overly passive. Taking decisive action is a challenge and you would rather wait for things to happen.

In this state, you let other people’s opinions define you at the expense of focusing on your own tasks. This makes following up on your commitments a huge challenge. It could also mean you are a domineering leader with a tendency to bully others. In terms of business, you may not succeed.

Finances – Reversed

In your finances, the king of wands reversed says you are passively waiting for success to locate you which rarely happens. You are not proactively soliciting economic opportunities and have become a poor financial manager. As an aspiring investor, the tarot card says you are intellectually incapacitated to make a sound investment decision. It prompts you to swallow your pride and seek help for a wholesome investment.

Love – Reversed

The king of wands reversed showing up in your love tarot reading indicates negative energy oozing from either you or your partner. The negativity may manifest in form of a violent partner, an abusive relationship, or a partner prone to cheating.

The King of Wands reversed suggests your partner may be afraid of commitments and hence tend to break promises. Amidst a controlling and egotistical attitude, you may find yourself imposing your values on others in the name of pushing them to be their best version.