Knight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The knight of Cups card depicts a knight riding on a white horse. The knight bears a golden cup to symbolize he is carrying a message and he dons a cloak over his armor. Furthermore, the knight wears winged boots and a helmet to imply creative imagination and the cherishing of good things.

The white horse is moving forward slowly with grace, giving an aura of peace and calmness. This is unlike in the cards Knight of Wands or Knight of Swords, where the horses appear to be charging. The horse in the Knight of Cups signifies drive and energy. On the other hand, the white color of the horse represents light, spirituality, and purity.

On the other hand, the background of the card seems barren. There are only a few trees that are visible further away. There is also a river, which implies there is strength in our imaginations and emotions to develop a new force of life. This is even though there may appear to be no hope.

Knight of Cups Upright Meaning

The Knight of Cups has the highest connection to his emotions and intuition than the other knights. You may say he is the most feminine of the knights. This, however, does not imply he is less significant than the others. The knight can use his emotions to his advantage. This is especially true during his seduction endeavors. He is a charmer and will certainly attract most.

The knight will always listen to his heart when faced with difficult decisions. He will not consider whether the decision is logical or not. Furthermore, the knight can show as a person or an event in your life. He might also manifest as part of your own self. The knight appears as a messenger, and the news he bears will certainly have an emotional advantage for you. Moreover, he can also represent taking on a project that has a tremendous emotional value to you.

Upright Knight of Cups – Love and Relationship Meaning

The Upright Knight of Cups is a good omen whether you are single or in a relationship. The card implies that romance is coming to you if you are single. If you are interested in someone, the card may suggest it may be the right time to ask the person out. The card suggests it is the perfect time to pursue your heart matters. It can also indicate attraction, affection, and charm that will be part of your dating future.

On the other hand, the reading may indicate a proposal, marriage, or offer of deeper commitments if you are in a relationship. Also, the card implies you or your partner are caring, gentle, and romantic. This is a card of love and affection, and there is definitely love coming your way.

Upright Knight of Cups – Money and Career Meaning

The Upright Knight of Cups represents good news or a great offer in matters of your career. It may signify success if you are waiting for a response on a job application. It can also forecast the getting of an unexpected offer. In general, the knight represents good things happening in your career. It also means you can handle the work challenges tactfully and ace all your negotiations.

Upright Knight of Cups – Health Meaning

The card indicates health that is improving. The reading is a good omen if you are waiting for any health-related results. It signifies that the outcome will be better than expected or bear positive news. After the card’s appearance, you should be feeling healthier sooner rather than later.

Reversed Knight of Cups Meaning

The Reversed Knight of Cups card indicates that you may allow your emotions to control you or your life to exceeding extents. The emotions can be extreme jealousy or episodes of bad moods. The situation may have gone full-blown, and you may be lacking the capacity to take action. Typical characteristics associated with the reading are making rash judgments and jumping to conclusions too fast. Furthermore, the card may signify a situation that may be seen as appealing and then turns out to be the opposite. This may result in disappointment due to the high expectations that were there.

Reversed Knight of Cups – Love and Relationship Meaning

The Reversed Knight of Cups tarot reading is a bad omen to any relationship. The card may indicate the end of a relationship, an engagement, or a rejected proposal. The reading can further signify the change in a partner’s positive behaviors to the total opposite. The card may also mean that you might be the one who might change your behaviors towards your partner and start doing the wrong things. Moreover, the reading may indicate that alcohol and drug abuse are becoming an issue in the relationship. If you are single, the card may indicate you might find someone with negative traits. Also, you might be in love with someone who is not reciprocating your love. The card may also indicate you are engaging in one-night stands or maybe a pointer to homosexuality.

Reversed Knight of Cups – Money and Career Meaning

The reading does not bear any good omen on matters of career. It represents bad news, rejected offers, and missed opportunities. If you have applied for a job or a course, the card implies that the application will be unsuccessful. The card may also indicate fraud, extortion, gullibility, or leaving your business. Furthermore, the card may indicate that you are in a job that is crippling your creativity. The reading may also represent financial issues you are not dealing with. Moreover, the reading may indicate that you are missing great opportunities to increase your wealth, or some of your financial deals may not be as good as they appear to be initially.

Reversed Knight of Cups – Health Meaning

The Reversed Knight of Cups tarot reading represents health that is deteriorating. This can be a result of drug and alcohol abuse. It may also be a sign that your hectic lifestyle may be having a big negative impact on your life than you may realize. Moreover, the card may be a warning you to stop jumping to conclusions about your health matters. The reading tells you to get checked out by a doctor or a medical professional whenever you have any medical concerns.