Knight, Sharon

Knight, Sharon M.A., QHP, FAPAI
Isfield, England
01825 750733

Sharon is a traditional astrologer who studied for the QHP under Olivia Barclay. Sharon then went on to tutor the QHP course, as well as teaching astrology at Adult education classes in London. She has been interested in astrology since the age of 16 when, out of curiosity, she began to investigate how or why, astrology seems to work – she still doesn’t know the answer! Sharon gained her MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology in 2004. Her dissertation covered astrology and medicine in the 16th and 17th centuries. She subsequently gained a Diploma as a Master Herbalist (Phytotherapy) and combines the two disciplines in helping people elect the best time to conceive (or not!).

Although Sharon is an ‘all-round’ astrologer, she uses traditional techniques in all her works and specializes in Horary astrology, the branch of astrology that provides answers to questions that covers all areas of life such as: Lost items – are they stolen, will they be found, if so where are they and when will they be recovered. If stolen, a description of the thief and
the direction taken. i.e Where is my lost cat/dog?Pregnancy – am I pregnant? Will it be a boy or girl? (50/50 chance of being correct!). Marriage – will we marry, will we divorce, is my partner having an affair. When will I meet my marriage partner? How will I know him/her? Will I get the job? Which candidate should I chose for the vacancy. Will I buy the car/house etc?

In the past, Sharon was employed by a merchant bank in the City of London as astrologer and has a wide-ranging client base with clients coming from Europe, Australia, America and the Middle East, including some media “celebrities”. Sharon has written columns for various womens magazines including Here! and national papers, as well as having work published in astrological magazines in the UK and the USA. Sharon is Secretary of the Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI) and a Fellow of the Association. In addition, she produces and edits the quarterly newsletter for the APAI. She also belongs to the Association of Astrologers and the Astrological Lodge of London