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Dr. Rakesh Kumar (PHD) is a doctor of Vedic Sciences. He is the founder and chairman of a non-profit spiritual organization called ‘ISHWAR CENTER” registered in New York since June 30th 2003.

He is also a renowned Vedic Astrologer, and Ayurvedic doctor, a Certified Holistic wellness counselor, an Astro scientist, an Author and a spiritual counselor. Dr Rakesh Kumar has been making many predictions for the world since the past 16 years in the US and amazingly most of them came true. He has definitely been 100% accurate on the US Presidential elections every time.

His very first uncanny prediction was in the year 2000. He had predicted that there would be no President elect on Nov 7th. He said that there would be a reversal of a decision and then George Bush would win but after 1 month.

1. The Florida re count. Prediction made in October 2000.

And that George Bush would win against Al Gore.

2. George Bush winning again, against John Kerry. Predicted on July 10th 2004

3. Dr. Kumar predicted about Tsunami on May 29th 2004.

4. He predicted about the devastating storm Katrina in July 2005

5. He predicted about Hillary Clinton losing to Barrack Obama on June 17th 2008. He also predicted that Hillary Clinton could never become President.

6. In August 2008 he predicted about the great devastation due to a storm, and that it would hit the south coast of America. – That was storm Ike

7. And he also predicted about the great recession, and the economic crises hitting the world. – This happened in October 2008.

8. On December 2008, he had predicted that a big financial scam would be exposed soon. We all then heard of – Bernard Madoff.

9. On 17th June 2008, Dr Kumar predicted that Barrack Obama would be the next president of the United States of America. – It happened in Nov. 2008.

10. On June 22nd 2012, he predicted that Barack Obama would win against Mitt Romney and would continue to be President. – This also happened.

11. In August 2016, Dr Kumar predicted that Donald Trump would become President.
This was really weird because all the polls were indicating that Hillary Clinton was a sure shot winner. He also predicted that some Hillary’s dark secrets would be revealed that would taint her image. (The Wiki leaks happened) He predicted that there would be a great unrest until January 20th 2017. You must have heard of the protests going on in the country.

The amazing thing is that he made these predictions many months earlier than the events. He sends out monthly newsletters to hundreds of people around the world, and these newsletters are the documented proof of his accurate predictions, and their authenticity.

Apart from practicing Vedic Astrology, Dr. Rakesh Kumar is also an expert in Yoga, Ayurveda, Mantras, Nature cure, and many other such divine Vedic Sciences. He is the author of a book called “The Cosmic Law and Astral Healing”. His 2nd book called “The Vedic Sciences” is almost ready to be printed and published. He has done many radio programs on WBAI radio and programs on TV Asia and ITV.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar is a spiritual Guru to many. His main objective is to bring peace, happiness and healing to the people to the world and lead them to a spiritual path.