Kumar, G.V.S.


Kumar, G.V.S.

G V S Kumar’s profile photo Mr. G.V.S. KUMAR is an eminent Full Time Vedic Astrologer from Hyderabad, A.P, India with 8 Years of experience in Analyzing Natal Charts and made hundreds of Successful Power Solutions to mitigate the effect of Negative Forces or the Energies to Lead Happy and Peaceful Life.

Mr. G.V.S. KUMAR had Fruitful Interactions with Learned Persons in the Field and nurtured vast Experience and Knowledge in Diagnosing the Problems through Different Methods and Detects the Exact place of Problem thereby provides a Suitable and Perfect Remedy.

Mr. G.V.S. KUMAR has Memberships in Reputed National & International Organizations and Received an Award too

Mr. G.V.S. KUMAR was interviewed in ETV2 and Written Articles to Weekly & Monthly Telugu Magazines.

Mr. G.V.S. KUMAR is using intensive Research to develop new Predictive tools that are more scientific and have fairly been Successful.

Mr. G.V.S. KUMAR Mr. has clientele from all parts of the Globe